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Well, mine should skyrocket then. The Black Dagger Brotherhood world is extremely sexual (because: vampires). But, the world J. R. Ward created also has plots, great world development, awesome backstories, and a decent way to balance out the “submissive female/Dominant male” aspects (Once mated, the big, macho guys pretty much do anything their women tell them. It’s pretty funny.)

My story absolutely has its share of sex, because that’s one of the love languages of the world, honestly. But, even if it was my world, while sex certainly isn’t the focus of the worlds I write, I’ve noticed I tend to include sex in my stories. It’s just not submissive female sex very often. LOL

Hmm. My cover has a black dagger on it. Perhaps that’s my problem! :laughing:


I recently just made my Romance cover sexier and saw a spike in readers, being added to libraries, etc.


I listened to the first audiobook in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series on a road trip and was captivated!


Lithium has been a godsend for my husband. As long as he doesn’t get on a salty drink kick, he’s been relatively stable - he has TBI which is notoriously hard to treat.

We can start another thread, or take some topics out. Which is why I put a Ghost Writer/plagiarism thread and didn’t bring it up here.

Teens and their hormones…LOL - the more Angst the Better.

TBH - I’d rather read about a Romance destined for the Jerry Springer show than live one. (Been there, done that, damn near killed me!)

J. R. Ward did a couple book-signings in my City. The place was packed! I had a book of her off series that I’d liked, so I brought it to be signed.

All I recall is that she’s the skinniest woman I’ve ever seen in person. Her skin was nearly translucent, she was so pale. She reminded me of a character in a Raymond Chandler novel. “I’ve never met a woman who was too rich, or too thin, until she walked into my office, wrapped in ermine and cigarette smoke.”


I’ve read some beautiful lines over the years. I still remember one about rich women standing in a backyard like tall blades of grass.


Has anyone ever written for one of the contests? Some of them look pretty interesting. I was wondering what the experience was like. Worth it?


I’ve had a lot of fun writing for various contests. I guess, (like anything on wattpad!) you need to pick and choose. The Open Novella Contest has been really good for example. Not only does it give you a variety of prompts but if you’re prepared to cross-promote with other entrants (and there are some quality writers in this group if I do say so myself, haha,) you can get some interesting feedback and good traction. There are also a lot of of genre-specific contests which can be fun.


I would have to agree to this statement. I had some of my best times contest writing and also met wonderful people. It’s the one thing I miss the most…


Because of the time issue you mean?


Only partially. Because of running or being part of the team running most of the contests that interest me :smiley: . I don’t feel it would be right to join myself.


True. As an ambassador you can still join, but not if youre on the judging panel. That sucks


Right. And there are so many contests these days…


I caught up on Dangerous Love at the airport yesterday. Hope to see more sparks between those two. How many chapters left?


People are often eager to help. Try Quora

That’s a good idea. I’m going to do that too.

Yes, exactly!

That could be it! Worth trying to see if it works…

I plowed through at least a hundred pages…I think you need to have some crazy hormones to like it, or as @KAJordan2 says, there is a market for dysfunctional romance and maybe wattpad taps into that.

I went through the same feelings…They say in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king…Maybe that saying is wrong. You’d think a book with good writing, a solid plot etc would rise to the top on wattpad and do better than the garbage books, but it doesn’t. In the country of the blind, the blindest man is king.


Well, but…what is considered a “garbage” book?

A lot of these romances entrance people because SO many people are struggling with bad childhoods and dysfunctionality themselves. The question is, you can start where your readers are, but are you doing something constructive in your story instead of retreading a dysfunctional savior/victim myth, for example? Just because you see how a story starts out, you don’t know what the writer does with it unless you read it all. (If it isn’t so atrociously written you simply CANNOT.)


I’ve been trying to figure out why I like romance stuff. I don’t want to like it, but I do. I know while I’m reading it that it doesn’t reflect reality, but, dang it, I’ve read lots of vampire/military/shapeshifter/body guard smut in the last year. Maybe because I haven’t had a date in the really, really long time? LOL

I do get tired of the “rescue me” female trope though, so when I find a book that doesn’t have that in it, I read everything in the series. And, there’s almost always more than one book. Romance writers are nothing if prolific.



I am going to ask @lhansenauthor to move this thread to a new location. The WHOLE thread will move, including our previous conversations. So it’s not a new thread, just a new location in the clubs where we have permission to close it. What that means is that I can limit who joins. This is not based on preference (I like you, so you get it in, but I don’t like you so you don’t get it), but simply based on numbers. If the thread slows down then I can open it up to new members again. While it’s at turbo speed, we can close it so new members cannot join.

If people don’t want to come to the new location, I will understand. No one is limited in the number of posts. Let’s not be dramatic about it. It’s simply a new location that lets us have a great conversation at a decent speed.


You can find a summary of the thread I created here:

There is a rather lively conversation happening on that thread that I’ve missed because I was on a roadtrip for 2 days! Going to catch up now!!!


I am so happy to hear that you have both sides of the BPD spectrum in your book – it sounds great. I didn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t offend people. Not offending people isn’t possible. It’s more about reinforcing negative stereotypes that really harm people. For example, if a white woman was raped by a black man and then decided to write fiction about white women being raped by black men, then it might be cathartic for her, but it could also be harmful for black people. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t write about their experiences, or that you can’t write about things that can be construed as harmful. i think it’s just important to understand the consequences, and tread carefully. I think from your responses to both me and @YKindle that you have considered this carefully. :+1:


This is a PSA for ALL women on the thread
Let’s avoid politics and anything that can appear to be ‘shaming’ others for their choices in HOW they choose to sell/share their works. OR WHAT THEY READ!

Self-publishing is OKAY!!!
Traditional publishing is OKAY!!!
Wattpad is OKAY!!!
Traditional publishing with an agent is OKAY!!!
Traditional publishing without an agent is OKAY!!!
Harry Styles Fanfic is OKAY!!!
Erotic BDSM Romance is OKAY!!!
Werewolf Romance is OKAY!!!
Harry Potter is OKAY!!!
Mystery is OKAY!!!
Science Fiction is OKAY!!!

do I need to go on ad infinitum? We don’t use the words ‘that book/genre is shit!’ on the thread. We don’t wish all agents to die on the thread. We tread carefully. What if someone read the book you just called shit and she liked it? Would she feel comfortable and welcome here?

Let’s just stick to supporting each other. The theme of LOL35 has always been that we might be VERY different in our publishing approaches, and we might be very diverse (republican, democrat, Indian, Canadian, Muslim, Christian, erotic writers, mystery writers), but we are all women writers over the age of 35 and we need support and encouragement on our journeys.

This doesn’t mean we don’t educate each other about the pitfalls, but we avoid language that can come across as shaming or putting down someone who chooses a path that is different from yours.

(btw, this is something that comes up regularly on this thread, and it’s just a reminder we need to make every once in a while–no big deal. No need to feel ashamed if you have been judgmental–it’s a normal human attribute. We’re not Gods, we’re humans, and imperfect. Big HUGS to everyone!!! :blush::purple_heart:)


There was one top romance book with sex scenes described in graphic detail. And I was trying to picture it in my head, and it was not even anatomically possible to do those things. For example, performing certain acts while standing or kneeling…The author didn’t even bother to think, HOW is it possible to do that while standing? I mean, we all have joints in the same places, don’t we? This wasn’t limited to one book, but several. Ana Simons and I used to talk about it a lot, the anatomically incorrect sex scenes. I mean, even if you’ve never had sex and you still must write lots of graphic sex scenes. You can at least use some common sense writing them. :stuck_out_tongue:
It might seem like we’re intellectual snobs, or just bitter, because we don’t have those coveted reads. So it’s fine to think twice what our own motivations are for dissing these books. But frankly…the more I tried to find some redeeming qualities in those books (mainly with the intention of getting some of those coveted reads for myself), the more of it I found.

Well I have liked many, many books that others called shit and I do not have any bad feelings towards them. There’s this lady, she was dissing the ‘sweet valley high’ books. I had never heard of them (maybe because I grew up in India) so I was really curious…I read the preview pages and loved the first one, so I took a KU membership. I must have read 33 of them. All trash, and I devoured them in my forties. And I still love that lady!

Never said it wasn’t okay. Some examples were cited to show that we need to be wary. And THAT is OKAY.
I self-publish exclusively on Amazon and I know Amazon has wrongly targeted many authors during their watch-hunt against KU hackers. What is wrong is wrong, and I never had a problem with authors who pointed it out. We don’t need any sacred cows, be it wattpad, or agents, or trad publishing or Amazon.

PS: I’m not saying that I’m a saint, I can be touchy about some things and not about others, but it’s not possible to please everybody. Political correctness is fine but this is a chat forum…People need to vent sometimes. Sorry if I offended you. I can be judgmental and offensive in many ways. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve offended and how many people offended me…That said, I’ll try to avoid bad words and I’m sorry for any that slipped out.

PPS: If those teenyboppers are entitled to their angsty drama and horrible sex scenes, we’re entitled to judge them. We have roamed this earth for 35+ years. We learned to tell the good sex from the bad sex and the possible sex from the impossible sex…We need a place to vent!


I loved the Sweet Valley High books. When I first moved to New York in the 80s, I devoured them like candy (my English reading comprehension was limited, lol). I can’t believe they are still around.