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Reminds me of Enid Blyton. Are they like the stories of Enid Blyton? I’m afraid that I haven’t heard of them. Can you please enlighten me, Sally? :slight_smile:


They are more teenage drama with some cool twists. Nothing deep. It centers around these twins who are very different – one sort of responsible and kind, the other spirited and flirtatious which lands them usually in some sort of trouble – and their friends. Easy beach and subway read. Back then, my English was German high school level and they helped with colloquial speech. Plus they were an easy and fun read.


Thanks, Sally :slight_smile: I’ll check them out asap.


Okay, everybody we are now officially a writing group - which we are. @shalonsims I slightly edited the title to match the club.


I love the fact that the topic will close in ten years…


It won’t any more… thanks for pointing that out. It was a quick fix and then work interferred. It tends to do that


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Fast food for the brain is ALWAYS popular! Nancy Drew has survived, so why not Sweet Valley High?

There was a series like that for YA horse stories. Don’t recall the name, but it was wildly popular.

I apologize for my silliness.

In my defense I got caught up in two ugly Flame Wars where agents behaved like rapacious Queen Bees. It was my introduction to the profession - and the emotional scars have yet to heal: #QueryFail and ‘The Talent Killers’.

WattPad -> I adore WattPad and the changes they intend to make to the Trad Publishing industry.

I will endevor - endever - indevore - rats! can’t even spell it! to be less sarcastic in the future.


Do you mean Saddle Club?


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Yes. That was it.

It looked like a very long-running series. I used to devour books like that as a teen.

There’s just one problem - the horses are always depicted as victims and I’m just a bit too old and cynical to enjoy them any more.

@XimeraGrey - you’re horse people - you know that it’s not always that simple. Not every horse will joyfully submit to any human, no matter how well-intentioned. Carrots and Cuddles don’t really cure behavioral problems.

@All – I just filled out the Application for Next - submitted my ‘Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse’ series. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but right now I don’t have even 500 reads. I’ve got GREAT covers for them.

Novelty might not be enough to overcome obscurity, but if I don’t try, I’ll never get a chance.


Almost all of them are on KU! :smiley:

Enid Blyton books don’t have a romance theme…I LOVED all her storybooks! If I hadn’t read Enid Blyton as a kid, I might not have become a writer.


Me too :slight_smile: It’s great to find someone who loves Enid Blyton as much as I do :sparkling_heart:


I still love even the Noddy books :smiley:

You’re hilarious :smiley:


All the best for your story :slight_smile: My best wishes are with you =]

I’ve read Noddy too. He was adorable :heart_eyes:


Love doesn’t solve problems – and I think that’s a lesson everyone has to learn in their lives. I wish it did, but horse, dog, human, or rosebush, it just doesn’t.

That said, most behavioral problems CAN be fixed. It takes know-how and consistency and likely some management though. Everyone needs to be kept safe, and the horse (or whoever) doesn’t need to “practice” the wrong behavior.


I was able to do a lot with my mare, but we were never able to stop her from bucking when it suited her. Even old age couldn’t stop her. Silly old thing - she’s 32 this year.


If we’re going to talk about fun read, light entertainment, books, I highly recommend “The Cat Who…” books by Lilian Jackson Braun. I love these books!

If you’re not familiar with the series, the premise is this former journalist, Qwill, inherits a fortune, but must live in a small, quaint town in the northeast in order to collect. Along the way, he has been adopted by two Siamese cats, KoKo and YumYum. YumYum is just a sweet girl kitty, but KoKo, the male, helps Qwill solve mysteries. And a lot of people seem to die in, and around, this small town. The cats are horrendously spoiled (he has a chef cook for them and he reads to them) and the whole series is cute as a button. Each title begins with “The Cat Who…”. Totally Young Adult.


I’m aiming for the round 20 - roughly 1K each chapter :slight_smile: (so 5 left?)


I just hope it comes off as I intend. If I write more than one it will help.