LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


Is there some treatise here I missed? Can you point me to the information? thanks!


The thing about the most popular fiction is this: It gives the reader their wishes in fantasy.


Thank you to Lina for making us a writing club. I love how the whole thread was moved without all the links breaking down. It’s seamless! Yay!

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I read Sweet Valley High religiously as a kid. I had every single book in the collection! haha! I loved it. As an eight year old! :wink:


Are we now LOW35 (Ladies on Writing, instead of Ladies on Life)

You read romance at the age of eight? Girls sure grow up quickly in western countries.


Well, there’s Next, WattPad Studios and the Book publishing arm WattPad Books


And now for something completely different… has anyone else had their Wattpad stories appear on Goodreads? Vanish, (my ONC entry from last year) is now showing there (and it wasn’t from me!) It got 3 stars, which could have been worse, haha, but I wasn’t expecting it to be there at all, seeing as it’s basically a draft and not published commercially. :astonished:


It seems to be fairy common, though it has never happened to me. I know two authors who saw their books pop up there. If you’re going to publish it to Amazon, you could claim that page? The procedure is not too hard.


The credit is owed to Lauren who created the community. I just use it. I believe we still have a post limit but it’s high, 10 K or something. There was an automatic closing setting I fiddled with but I could just take it off.So, hopefully we’re okay


I read them in my mid twenties which probably shows that I’ve never fully grew up. Still to this day, I read mostly young adult.

Yep, that happened to me before. The reason is that anyone can upload a book to Goodreads, even if they are not the author.When I published Trapped, I already had a handful of reviews without even knowing about it and someone also posted Living With The Choices We Make which is still a WP exclusive.

You can claim those for your author profile and then they’ll show up with your other books.


I think goodreads has found a way to steal some of the traffic generated from searches for popular wattpad books.


I actually think it’s WP readers who upload the books. I had once a reader tell me they added one of my books to Goodreads and they were proud of it as if they did me an actual favor. I let it slide since in the end, it doesn’t really matter. If you publish on Amazon, your books migrate over eventually since Goodreads is owned by them.

What is not recommended is linking your Facebook with Goodreads since that gives Amazon access to all your social and family contacts. Unfortunately, I only found out once I had linked the accounts and even if you break the link now, the info exchange stays. It’s how they knock out the Amazon reviews of your friends and family, even if they have verified purchases.

Sometimes I feel like a soldier on a battlefield, just in cyberspace. The level of transparency is scary these days. Not only big brother is watching you, lol


So that’s how they knock off the reviews of family and friends! You’re right, the level of transparency is scary. The title of Andy Grove’s book comes to mind “Only the paranoid survive”.


I’m tempted to take out “survive” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL I hope they thrive, like Andy Grove.


Ah, they’re part of the original cozies. They set standards for the whole series. Since then, things have gone downhill. Seriously, my fictionary cat, Tiddles, is 19 years old and farts.


Good tip!

At least Vanish is attached to my L.V. Lloyd writer’s page… though it does make me wonder if I should search for some of my other Wattpad titles!!


Wattpad just changed their logo and all the colors! Wattpad, this is not the change we were asking for.


So much pink! …


It was changed on the app already a few weeks ago. I don’t like the the changes to the top bar, but otherwise, most of the layout is at least intact (and that darker orange doesn’t do it for me)


I definitely do. not. like. the pink. Especially behind the top image of a chapter. I wish we could set that color.