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Ok, y’all. Pat me on the back! I’ve gotten about a 100 reads on my fanfiction since I joined two weeks ago! I don’t think this is half bad, especially since my fandom is relatively small here. (On AO3, I’ve also gotten 63!)

The two parts of an original work I uploaded a day ago already has 25! Woo!

I’m a pretty happy camper. Of course, this is all still shiny and new.


Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong place, but where is the pink? For me, everything is super white to a point it hurts my eyes – even the orange menu bar is gone :frowning:


For me, a lot of the partially transparent images are faded to pink. But, the place it bothers me the most is when I look at my fanfiction book when I need to edit it. I have an image at the top that doesn’t span the whole area, so the color they choose to put behind it is a faded pink.

Now that I think about it, though, they might be trying to lightly match the red in the cover? I don’t know.

I miss the orange bar, too. I like orange.


Yes, it must be the cover because Speaker’s Way is yellow. It must also be because it’s only partially red because my book Trapped, which is almost all red, has also a red background.

I didn’t think the layout changed that much since the faded background in the chapter headings always reflected the cover. The only noticeable difference for me is the missing bar and the white seems brighter (like glarey)


The brightness has been commented on a lot. I think they are still working on it. I really liked the orange as well. It was homey. Yesterday, the community went white on black. I had a shitty day and I totally freaked. Fortunately, it was transitionary. It’s probably better to close things down, but I’m not sure if that was possible. HQ certainly keeps us on our toes!!!


Hi everyone! I hope this is okay to post, if not, please delete!

I just wanted to slide in here and say that TheWritersXL Podcast and I are holding a writing contest. It’s a 300-word kiss scene — consent essential! For more info, go to my profile or to TheWritersXL!


@all I noticed some interesting shifts in stats lately. In the past, the majority of my readers were in the 13 to 18 bracket, however, for the past six months, that has firmly shifted to the 18-25 crowd. The US, while still the largest group, is down to less than 50% (and even 40% on some stories). Philippines and Canada are the next largest groups, Africa makes up 10%.

I think this trend also reflects a shift in WP readers to before. Many of those who have been here for years are growing up and more mature readers join every day while I find that the number of younger teens is declining. I see that trend in my children’s schools – the younger generation just isn’t big into reading (which should probably be alarming). My son doesn’t even read anything without pictures and he is almost 15.

Have you noticed something similar? Where do most of your readers come from?


Written communication is rather ancient and a strain to the eyes and ties you down to a desk. Ever since I got glaucoma, I wish more books were accessible in audio form. Old habits die hard, so I still do a lot of reading and writing. I can see why kids these days are not into reading. They probably can’t see any reason to decipher the squiggles on page, in this age of high speed Internet.

@elveloy For me, when the page loads it has a pink backdrop and the number of posts in a thread is displayed in pink. Many of the notifications are in pink font.

PS: Deleted the other post, as I copied message into this one.


My feeling is that Wattpad might be growing up a bit, but also maybe the general public at large (around the world) is shifting. For example, my mother, who loves crime, thriller, mystery, true crime, and some paranormal has only recently started delving into YA and is now heading over to KU and I’m pretty sure she will be on her way to Wattpad at some point after that.

I think people are just adjusting to different ways of reading and opening up to things that might have seemed “for young people.” I remember when Facebook was “for young people” and now my mother uses FB way more than I do. In fact, the demographics on FB have shifted enormously over the years.

@all RE: New Wattpad Brand

I always find it interesting how Wattpad does things. I don’t think they have formal change management processes in place. They seem to take the approach of “Let’s keep throwing something until we hit the bullseye.” They’re always “working on it.” Like this recent change: they throw out a whole new brand, which is poorly constructed, and now they’re going to spend the next months ‘fine-tuning’ the brand live in front of millions of people, day by day. Tweak this a little, tweak that a little. Working in branding, i can tell you that this is NOT the recommended approach… I think it’s a sign that WP truly is a start-up at heart that has grown too fast.


I never thought of facebook as a young people place in the early days, more of a nerd people place.


Okay, I think I can find us consistently again.

Just waving hello - been reading Nora Roberts blog about the current scandal, and wondering if all the Indies pulled everything out of Amazon – would anyone notice?


Ever since Wattpad changed their colours, the forums have been lively since the last couple of days. It’s fun and we get to learn something new. This thread is really awesome-

I suggest that all of you should have a look and drop any feedback regarding the rebranding. There’s Gavin, Nick, Emma from Wattpad HQ with a lot of people and it’s honestly fun :slight_smile:


I fully agree with Shalon’s view of this whole “rebranding”. These people don’t understand their own brand. I’d rather not ruin their fun by trying to make sense of this whole exercise.


I need to catch up with her blog. I am sure Amazon would notice if Indies pulled out, it will show in their bottomline. They get good margins and get away with charging for delivery of digital books! Even if Amazon doesn’t notice right away, our readers would. I don’t have many but they wait eagerly for the next book and email me to ask when it would be available.

On a different note, I think Amazon should stop charging for delivery of digital books. Especially those up to 5 MB should be delivered for free. Now the trend is towards graphic novels, with series like Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries ruling the charts, in addition many popular novels and classics being converted to graphic novels…The delivery cost works out to $9-$10 on a Dork Diaries book, from my calculation. So everybody just buys the paperback version. Amazon is killing the market for digital versions of graphic novels.


It looks like moving the thread didn’t work? Is that why a new thread has been created?


Posting so I can find this again.


I don’t think I’ve sacrificed writing so much as the WRITING gets sacrificed for other things I’ve had to do. Things like education, bills, work, caring for older family members, cleaning…I’ve spent a LOT of my life resentful that other things had to come first.

So now that I’m alone in my life, and I have more time, I’m so bereft and sad that I wish I still had the people who took me away from writing!! sigh I have NO idea whether this will be worth it or not. It’s in my horoscope, but just because something is in your horoscope doesn’t mean it happens.

All I can try to do is scale my ambitions and expectations way, wayy, wayyy down, because we all know that any kind of success in this field is pretty much zero, except for a couple of lucky little people. The rest of us need to get behind defining “success” much, much differently, or life is just going to leave us unhappy with what we’ve been able to accomplish.


Trap that kit-kit and get him neutered! (Sorry, veterinarian here…can’t help it.)


Oh - they charge for delivery for e-books? that’s freaky. Shoot out a packet and charge $10 for it?

I don’t have fans. It’s crickets for any of my work. I put out a Facebook Ad and am getting some reads, but Feb was dead on and off WattPad.

Nora has gotten her lawyers out on the plagiarism issue, so she’s falling silent on the issues. She got a message from one of the Scammer King-pins, Bob Frost, which didn’t go over well.

I think my expectations were too high. I don’t see anything she can do that would help scrub-out the scamming.

@Nablai - the re-branding is interesting. I’m one of the people who would like to customize the colors to something cooler. But every website needs updated periodically to keep it fresh.

I can relate - we get so used to a certain level of busy-ness that when it changes we are left to re-group and it’s not comfortable. Then we have to rebuild our writing time. Kristine Katheryn Rush wrote about it here.

Hope you find your comfort zone!

As for Success – Frustration is a whole lot easier to find. Keep plugging.


Yeah, that is really cool. Welcome to the thread. What do you write?

Hey, is anybody here from Virginia?