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It appears that the more books you have out, the more readers you attract. So I’d opt for the second book.


You’re my hero! I want to be just like you. Only…I am terrified of “investing” because I watched my great aunt and uncle slave their whole lives to put away money so their adopted special needs daughter would be taken care of. Just when my aunt and cousin really started to get old and the needs went up, up, up…the market tanked and the recession hit and BLAM! Half that money was GONE. Of course they outlived it, and are ending their lives on Medicaid in a nursing home.

You know, we need to think about this before we end social services for the poor. More and more and more Americans are unable to save these days, despite more people in the work force working harder than ever before. I am paying for my own education, my own health care, my own hospital bills (from before I was able to afford health insurance), and so I have no money to invest even if I did trust the wealthy who run the stock market.


You’re gonna feel like a zombie for a while. Rest and let others take care of food and the house. Feel better soon!


I planned how to do multiple books from the get-go.


This is true. I’ve watched my investments implode twice - I’ve got no savings for retirement. All I have is the equity in my house. It’s frustrating.


Funny…years ago in writer’s group my husband used to call “trope” imaginative, descriptive writing.


I don’t really “like” this post, but I SOOOO get it. :frowning:


Not Virginia, but West Virginia. I’m in the southern part of the state east of Beckley. If you’re in the western part of Virginia, we could be relatively close together. Send a private message if you want to chat!


Yes, for a graphic novel of 60 MB, the delivery charge is $9. The rate is 15 cents per MB (in the 70% royalty bracket)


I feel you.

One thing I’ve really been focusing on lately is “let go of the outcomes.” I think for me, I have these vivid images in my head about the outcomes I’d like to have for every area of my life (my writing experience, dating experience, work experience, friendship experience, health experience, home experience, travel experience, finance experience, etc.). So when I don’t see these outcomes happening–I get very down on my self and depressed. When this happens, it takes away any chance I have of living in the moment and truly enjoying the experiences I do have.

I’m not sure if that makes any sense–but it’s sort of where I’m at right now in my life. :slight_smile:


I tend to write romcoms–inspired by my own real life experiences. I’ve tried to write other genres before–and they start out as other genres–but eventually they end up flowing back into the romcom river. Hahaha.


It worked but Shalon posted in the pub for those who might not have found the thread


Oh. I thought she wanted us to abandon this thread


It was just dumb luck, I am no Warren Buffet. My investments in stocks were a disaster. Inflation rates were so high in India that cash became worthless quickly. It didn’t help that I was a freelancer without any job security…But a plot of land I bought soared in value (thanks partly to the same hyper-inflation which fueled other asset bubbles).
Suddenly had enough money to retire, and (mercifully) inflation rates have gone down now. And I’ve learned my lessons from the dot-com bubble, so I’m careful now…


Oh that bubble was what got my savings. OH MAN THAT HURT!

@PDReaderfiction - I’m in Kentucky, near Louisville. I live on a small farm with 2 horses and 7 alpacas, chickens, ducks and geese. Just lost a horse to old age and blindness a week ago.

@shalonsims - I’ve given up a good work life and an active social life to stay home with family. First my parents, now my husband who has TBI from a motorcycle accident. Writing is what came out of an otherwise rough patch.

I used to write Romance, but when the market became saturated, I started editing and publishing my Mother’s short fiction. I’d rather edit and publish her stuff than my own right now.

I’ve sold a couple of my romance novels in India. I had no idea it was that expensive. Amazon has a store in India, it doesn’t make sense. Wow.


I’m so sorry. Was that your heart horse?


Yes. He was a big black horse, old and a bit cranky, but when I rode him, he never played a dirty trick on me. He couldn’t take the heat and would stop eating every summer. I would spend all winter trying to put weight on him. When he went blind I was devastated. We were able to bury him here on the farm, which helps a lot.

My old mare was born the same day on the same farm. I’ve had her since she was 3. She’s lame. :frowning:


I really am terribly sorry. You’ve had them a long, long time – they’re part of your soul.

You’re lucky to have each other.


@MarilynAHepburn - That’s where I’m headed. Throughout my life, I’m happiest when I let go of expectations. But you have to have some vision of what you want so that your life has direction.

Occasionally, I’ll get in these states where I have a strong sense of what I want but not a defined vision of it (Like, instead of imagining myself as a full-time writer, I imagine what it would feel like to have more time to write, however that may come about…if that makes sense.) So, as long as I have more time to write, I’m happy.

It really works for me, but dang it if I don’t keep forgetting that lesson and drifting back into envisioning a very prescriptive form of success. Then, I have to fight my way back to being zen again (which seems like it should be an oxymoron, but it isn’t, in my world.)

In relation to the above, @SallyMason1, I actually stopped looking at my stats a long time ago. It was just depressing me, since even though I was getting reads, votes, and occasional comment sprees, too many people decided to park my book in their library or on a reading list, waiting for the series to end. So the activity I was seeing wasn’t gelling with the numbers. But, curiosity stemming from your post got me to take a peek, and my age demo has stayed the same, with a sleight shift more into the 13-18 bracket. But that’s in line with the content on my main WIP, The Otherworlders, so I’m not sure if that’s indicative of a larger trend or not.

I’m just so happy that my other work, The Descendants, is popular in the Philippines. That would, partly, explain the surprisingly high number of reads I have on a six-chapter story.

I forgot to mention, in case you missed it @shalonsims, another agent weighed in on the first-publication issue. I still think it ranges per agent and per project, but on agent’s opinion -


@MarilynAHepburn @paulapdx

Exactly this. Stop obsessing about the outcomes and enjoy the moment. Developing my gratitude helps me immensely in being able to do this. Focusing on how many blessing I already have in my life really helps me to let go of the disappointment of failure. Also realizing that failure is part of the process.

Stacy! So nice to see you here on the thread! Haven’t seen you in a while, not here or on Twitter. Have you been doing your internet detox like you were hoping? Is it going well?


Thank you for the link about Wattpad and traditional publishing, Paula. Very helpful. I think many agents pussyfoot around the issue, trying to play nice, so it’s refreshing for someone to come out and just say what they’re all whispering to each other behind closed doors, which is that selling a book that’s being given for free on Wattpad is really hard. Not saying it’s not possible, as @lhansenauthor can attest, but it’s difficult. And that is something we authors should take into consideration when posting our works here.

Did you see the thread I created about this topic? In case you’re interested, here’s a link: