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Sal, your story is hilarious! Maybe instead of communication training he got Jedi training! :joy::joy: They probably told him he needed to look at people when they talk, and he is taking that to an uncomfortable extreme! I can just imagine.

But sounds like a cool workplace to have that initiative. A 6 on the asshole scale is better than a 10 any day.

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Thanks you guys. I’m going to face him tomorrow for the first time since the email… I don’t know if he read it! :fearful: I sent him an email asking him NOT to read it, and his response was, “No worries…” (so vague–does that mean he DID read it and not to worry, or he didn’t read it so don’t worry??? :joy: :poop:)

And then I sent him a different email asking for a meeting on Thursday to “clear the air.” and he agreed to that. So… I don’t think I’m fired.

But gah! Now I have to have one of these touchy feely conversations with my boss :confounded: But I know I have to because otherwise I’ll quit one of these days and I really shouldn’t because it’s a great job.

One thing I always forget is that I can’t change people… 90% of the pain I suffer in my life is from WANTING other people to change… and my boss isn’t an asshole. He’s a pretty good guy (only 3 on the asshole scale), but we recently had an altercation where I was disappointed with him. Since then I’ve held a grudge and I’m being argumentative, which is bringing out the worst in him. So I need to talk to him about it, but I also somehow need to remember that I can’t change him…

The sooner I accept him how he is, the sooner I can get back to being happy at work. Ahhhhhh… (why is it so hard to be a grown up sometimes :pouting_cat:? )



Come on ladies, don’t let me hang out here alone. Tell me what’s the most embarrassing work disaster you’ve ever had!? (This is definitely top on my list.)


You’re not putting all the blame on him, that will make for an open-minded discussion. So hopefully it will be fruitful for you both. As for the workplace embarrassments…Once a bunch of my co workers were gossiping about one of the senior writers and the moment I joined in, she made an entry and heard everything :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a pretty scathing, somewhat undeserved, response to an email that I accidentally sent to the entire department. To my credit, it was right before I took some time off for mental health. I apologized, of course, to the whole department and they were cool with it, 'cause they knew about my doctor recommended “vacation”.


I feel your pain. Some people over-react to every little thing. I sent an email to the entire department and I got a similar reaction. It was intentional. I used to come in everyday, but then I requested that I be allowed to work from home every other day and they accepted. So I wanted everybody to know, as I worked with various teams writing user manuals, product descriptions, etc. But maybe you’re supposed to clear it with the boss before emailing the whole department.


Speaking of work - I have a job interview today. Wish me luck! I haven’t worked full time in my field since 2009.

The Job interview went well. I wore a proper button skirt and cowgirl boots. All covered up!


Much luck to you! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


That particular wardrobe malfunction might seal the deal.


OMG that’s mortifying :frowning:

All the best for your job interview!


Good luck to you!! Wardrobe malfunction makes me remember my body malfunction. I had such cramps in a meeting and I had to keep going outside, otherwise, well, something else would have malfunctioned.
Boss asked me whether I could please make my mind up whether I were coming or going.
I was in so much pain and stress I asked him “Do you want blood on your meeting chairs.”
I think that was one of the two times I ever cried in my career.
Bless him, he came afterwards and apologized.
These guys were in shock.


I worked at a major talent agency after graduating from college, and Lauren Bacall was really mean to me over the phone. She yelled at me about something that wasn’t my fault.

What was embarrassing was that I cried a little bit after I hung up with her. I was mortified that I let her bring me to tears.


I asked in Industry Insiders but it seems to be crickets so far. I’d like to find a POD publisher in India that would serve my Indian readers. @AnnWrites @Nablai Do you know of any?


I wish I knew, so far I haven’t published a single book in paperback form.


You guys (gals), this is freaking hilarious! I literally just sprayed tea all over my laptop reading this. I think this may have been the best group question I’ve ever asked!

That about equals my calamity – was she your boss, or just a colleague? Still, super awkward. Horrible!

Yes, those kind of public mental health breakdowns, even for me during that time of month, can be so cringe-worthy, especially when you look back after and thing wtf!?

This is where I sprayed my tea over the keyboard. At least I have one of those rubber keyboard protectors!!! That is HILARIOUS !!! And awful. You poor thing! hahahahahhahahahahahahahah!!! :sob::joy::sob::joy:

SO MUCH GOOD LUCK with your job interview! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!

This is a total awesome/awful combo! You probably taught those guys a lesson they’ll never forget. What the hell was your boss thinking? I mean, do people generally enjoy just getting up and leaving meetings, and then coming back and leaving again? Like, obviously you must have had a reason for it. Fuck…And to try to publicly shame you into compliance–what a douche!

Okay, I had a good laugh, drank my tea, ate my breakfast, and I’m about to head off to work now… Wish me luck!


Best of luck with the interview. I will hold fingers and toes crossed.


Good luck!


@KAJordan2 How did the interview go?


This interview was nice and uneventful!

My skirt stayed in place, the guy I talked to told me loads about the system he’d built and didn’t ask me any questions. (Which was odd. But he said that my resume had everything he thought was important in it.)


Sorry, I’ve been sort of offline for a few days, so just catching up…and eagerly awaiting the resolution to @shalonsims office drama.

In the meantime…

I did! @shalonsims it was a great conversation starter and so glad you had the courage to @mention agents directly!:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

I even saw the one from the agent who started her own thread about it! Can’t remember her name but I’m pretty sure I bookmarked it, in case others didn’t see it.

Yay! You go @MarilynAHepburn! Sorry, I’ve been meaning to circle back to your feed. I’m SO glad to hear you’re making progress on the Balanced Life front!

To that end, another Wattpadder posted a link to this article that can really help put things in perspective as far as the tension of turning a passion into a vocation. I definitely want to try to make at least SOME money from my writing, but I don’t want to lose perspective in the process.


@All Sorry I haven’t been joining in much lately - though I have been trying to read all the wonderful comments! Working hard trying to finish my ONC plus Amb duties.

Plus I had 177 notifications to respond to this morning!!! Luckily a fair few were votes from one person reading about three of my books in a row

Re Shalon’s Question… hmm … back in the day when we had huge paper computer printouts after a payment run, we had the 4 inch ‘file’ of computer sheets sitting handily on the window ledge… guess who opened the window and knocked the whole lot into the alley below? Two floors down. A cascade. Haven’t run so fast to retrieve in a long time!