LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


I will… As soon as I figure out how to translate the embarrassing situation into English with the right words for effect :joy: I’ve done English–> Hindi translations for the @Ooorah, Hindi–> English would take time.

Agree with you. We are better off not caring, 'coz we don’t fit in the normal society. I don’t indulge in mindless, meaningless gossip and am ridiculed for it. People find me stupid in the fact that I prefer to read books than talk nonsense. Let me tell you something- people will talk. Even if you do good or anything bad, there will always be someone to gossip. But if you are strong, true, you won’t care-a-damn to what anyone says. It’s your life and your decisions after all. No one can take your choice away from you :slight_smile:


Tell me in Hindi, then. By the way, it’s past 2 AM and we’re both up and chatting here. There is no hope for us.
PS: I’m off to bed now, good night! Will check back in the morning


Indeed! In fact I did work it into my Romance story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Since it’s informed by some of my experiences at the agency.


I’ve two and a half chapter reviews+critiques to finish for my Rebel_Town assignment deadline on Sunday and I’m procrastinating :joy: I’ll PM you. Don’t want to derail the thread. Maybe you can help me translate it into English so that I can share it here :slight_smile:


I haven’t done this for writing (well, for fiction, but that’s another story), but I did for my art. Honestly, it’s still just a hobby that I do and occasionally sell. Otherwise, I’d be overtaken with product (I make bead captured jewelry as beaded embroidery jewelry.) I’ve sold some of my really nice pieces to state museums, which is pretty cool.

I did change my beading to try and make it into more of a business. I discovered that, because my stuff isn’t just beads stung on a wire, it tends to be more expensive than the people here can afford. Soooo… I either sell it here for wholesale, or I need to move to a city.


Or, with the state museum credential, find a fashion designer and offer unique pieces that won’t be duplicated elsewhere.

Handmade has value, especially if it’s good.


And, therein, lies the problem.


What about etsy and ebay and sites like that


The thing is, I want to make stuff… Not spend 3/4 of my time selling stuff. I need a partner to set this all up for me and maintain it.


This is what all indie authors say as well…lol


I think the idea has come up before - the only way is to form a collective, share skills and publish our stuff as a pool


You mean like a skill swap? I’m good at blurb writing, I could use some help with paperback formatting, though.


Formatting I’ve never done, pitching, blurbing, editing, cover designing (within limits) work well. Need to find my way into marketing now. Got some great tips from Sal, who’s the total pro in that matter


I surely wouldn’t go that far, lol (btw, did Kerry accept you into the FB group, otherwise, I have to reach out to her)


Somehow I never felt lazy to market my books. It’s as much fun as writing and there is a lot to learn from the process. Marketing drives the writing and vice versa, I cannot even think of these things as separate.


I know the two are related, but I did marketing all my life and I want to step away from it. Writing/Editing was somebody I truly enjoyed, so I have a bit of a fragmented approach I reckon


She has accepted me but I am trying to change to an author’s page. Or rather, I think I did but it keeps flipping back. This is just so time- consuming it’s untrue


You can’t change to only an author page. You need to keep your “private” page (still Lina Hansen) and then make a business page from that. PM me if you have issues and I’ll walk you through it.


You’re a star, but I hope I have it fixed. Not sure, Facebook is totally confusing. I followed a tutorial and I now have the Lina Hansen homepage, and there seem to be two sub pages below. Both have the ad center. I have now unpublished one of them, the one I thought was the private page. he one question I still have now, is how to find out whether I’m legit or not?


I checked and I didn’t see any page connected to your personal profile (so it’s either not there or you haven’t added it to your bio). The one that has the little round icon with Lina Hansen Author seems to be your personal profile.

The simple way to check if it’s your profile or your business page: if there is the button for a friend request, it’s your personal profile. Business pages only allow visitors to like the page and follow it.

I have different profile icons to not get confused. My personal profile has the rose and my author profile has my picture. I would suggest something similar so you don’t get confused when you comment on other posts.

Once you have it straightened out, I’d suggest to create a closed group and start networking. It’s a great way to find ARC readers and later stay in touch with your fans.