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What about etsy and ebay and sites like that?
The thing is, I want to make stuff… Not spend 3/4 of my time selling stuff. I need a partner to set this all up for me and maintain it.

This is exactly the point the article is making! I hear this all the time on Wattpad and this thread in particular – that people loved writing up until the moment they started trying to make money from it. That’s something I’ve heard @SallyMason1 say in the past, and others.

I’m not in the “how do I monetize my passion or make it a side-hustle?” state of mind; but rather, “how do I make money at something I enjoy?”

I personally think the socially accepted idea I need to enjoy things all the time is really the heart of my problem. My experience is that EVERY job has pitfalls, and I can enjoy almost every job with the right attitude. I spent a year cleaning hotel rooms, doing laundry and scrubbing toilets in 2016/2017 and it was the one of the best years of my life.

For me the point isn’t to make sure I enjoy what I’m doing, but to make sure what I’m doing has meaning, so when i die I feel proud of the life I lived. That I lived in service of something bigger than myself and made the world a better place.

That article really helped me understand that I want to write from my heart and fuck the market. If the two meet up one day, that would be great, but I want my writing to mean something to me. The market almost exclusively wants the type of story I’m not interested in telling. Do I want to be a writer – or do I want to be a writer? Meaning, do I want to write for the market, what the market wants, or do I want to write what brings me joy? Both paths are real writers, but I argue there’s a cost to choosing the former writing path, which is that there’s a lot less joy in writing.


Agreed. I think that no matter what we do, no matter how much we enjoy it, it will get boring and soul-sucking at some point.
I used to love being a copywriter and loved advertising…To the point that I hated weekends. But after a few years, the same thing I loved so much became soul-sucking. (Clients can be overbearing, market research had its say, or you just stop feeling inspired enough…you don’t always get to choose what you will work on, etc)
Our hobbies, no matter what they are, are enjoyable because we do them when we like and as long as we enjoy them, and there is no competition to beat. There is nothing in the world that we can enjoy all the time, year after year (or decade after decade)…

Almost all of us have been inspired to write by some commercially successful author. But our own writing might not live up to that standard, or have that same appeal.
If you want to make money with your writing and you also want to write what you love, try to be like the commercially successful authors you admire. Some of us will find both money and enjoyment, some will find one but not the other…


On a completely random note - I bought a tablet to take with me when we go travelling round Europe… just taken me all afternoon to get my (2) wattpad accounts loaded, my (2) facebooks, my gmails, my Kindle app, my Fitbit… I’m not even going to try Discord, lol

*sigh… I’m getting there :slight_smile:


Did you also get a keyboard? I find that I can type well with just the tablet, so I don’t even try.


Happy journey! Do post pix and updates for those of us who are not so lucky! I’d love to travel through Europe some day…


Feel you, Vera. But you’ll get there.


the only question is when… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally, I only use my tablet these days. It’s so much more convenient. But it does need a bit of getting used to, that’s true


why is it only 35+ :frowning:


the tablet is too small for me to type. I prefer the laptop. It has a nice big screen so my dodgy eyes can still see things


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No keyboard… :frowning:
I struggle to type on a tablet, too. I only write anything of length on Word on my laptop.:slight_smile:
But the tablet will be fine for replying to comments etc and sending emails and facebook… just not writing stories!


I type faster on the tablet. Actually, I’d never started to publish anything if it wasn’t for my tablet. The smaller, virtual keyboard is so convenient.

Now I feel weird.


But how do you copy and paste and save drafts and… and…



A fellow spinner! I love your yarns! I don’t spin as much as I used to but I have my wheel still and my garage is probably the most insulated place in our house because of all the wool I’ve stached in there.


Makes three of us :slightly_smiling_face:
Though it’s years since I found the time to use my wheel.


Oh, most things can be done by long pressing. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. What kind of tablet is it?


What kind of a wheel do you have? I’ve got two castle wheels, an Ashford and a Kromski.

Three in one forum? Amazing!

There’s something so wonderfully soothing about spinning!

I have 7 alpacas and I need to get going again, or I’ll have no room to move when the new fleeces come in.

I make more money with my yarn than I do with my books, so the hobby is a keeper. LOL


I’ve never spun on a Kromski but I love their delicate lines. The only wheel I have now is a Schacht Matchless which used to belong to my mentor.

I love to spin and did so for years but while spinning, I’d come up with all these story ideas and wish I could write them down. But I was too busy spinning so something had to give.


There are branded wheels? Wow. Now I have to check mine. But as far as I know it’s been made in a local workshop.
I wish I had my grandmothers wheel. She used to spin flax, made all her linen herself…


I use my spinning hobby to do some plotting. I’ll sit down, spin up a bobbin and then go right to the computer to get my ideas down. I’ve thought about using Voice to dictate while I spin, but it takes years to get that software trained.

Oh my yes! there are dozens of manufacturers! Kromski is in Poland and has been making wheels for over a hundred years.

Then there are these HIGH TECH lovelies from Spinolution

Alpacas are all over our area of Kentucky and quite a few people own them, so there is a lot of alpaca fleece. (I have 7 alpacas - I wanted to spin alpaca and this is the way to get plenty.)