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Can you get takeaway in? Hm, mum will probably not approve but if you don’t like cooking you shouldn’t be doing it! I#ve done the same as @YvonneKindle, got a cleaner. Okay, I work full time and the last thing I need is housecleaning sessions when I come home. Hubby does it when the cleaner is on vacation. Theoretically, he could do it otherwise (he#s not working anymore), but we both don’t like it, so why bother.
As you say, that’s what money is for. That, and supporting others. I just donated for Mozambique. That is so shocking!


The thing I hate making is chapatis/rotis. All that kneading and rolling and roasting in front of the stove in the sweltering heat :[ We get readymade packets of rotis everywhere, which is so convenient! But I had to make them last night because my mom felt dizzy in the middle of making them. I don’t know why anybody would make them at home.
I don’t mind making the other things, it takes less time and it’s healthier than takeout. But rotis!:rage:
That was good of you to donate for Mozambique. So much destruction!


I hope she’s ok! My mother passed about eight years ago. I miss her, but some things she did as I grew up still haunt me.

I can remember her getting mad at my brother and him not cleaning his room. She opened the window (the bedroom was upstairs) and threw everything that was on the floor out the window onto the lawn.

Now, as an adult, I realize she was this way because she was unmedicated. But, young me didn’t know that.


Oh, my mom was just as crazy…I’d sit and cry in the bathroom for hours just to escape her screaming. But she herself was trying to cope with my dad, who had made her crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish somebody had told us ‘it’s not you’. I wish we had been born old enough to understand :frowning:


Yeah, I think that was, in part, what was going on with my mom, too, especially as I got older. Dad was an alcoholic. He wasn’t violent, but many times the things he said were mean. I can’t help but wonder how abusive he might have been to her in private.


When I read the book “Codependent no more” by Melody Beattie, it all made sense. My dad was not addicted to any substance, but he was mentally ill and manipulative.

Edit: Sometimes I wonder if you have internalized some of the anger you felt for your mom. Especially when I read your posts about being unfit to raise kids…I mean, I respect your choices but I thought you were too hard on yourself.


That book set me free of a lot of the crazy of my childhood. My mother married two alcoholics! She got better as she got older, but after my father died, she was seething with anger and I went looking for answers to the craziness of my family – codependency is a very sticky problem to deal with, but we can recover, too.

I had a friend come over yesterday and we cleaned the kitchen. After a rainy winter, it got away from me, so Spring Cleaning is gonna be a big project inside and out this year.

During the hardest years, when I was taking care of my Mother, stepfather and my husband, she came over twice a month to clean.

I always give that nit-picky part of my brain a target besides my writing – until the book is finished and I’m ready to edit.


Me too :stuck_out_tongue: I have a chapati-maker at home since years. I just knead the dough and then anyone can make them. It’s easy to use and maintain.


Hope your mummy’s alright now :slight_smile:


My dream! One day…


Oh no! I hope she heals quickly. Scary. (And of course no fun for you to have all that responsibility/chores.) Sending out healing thoughts.


That chapati maker looks like a time-saver! And now, thanks to the two of you, I have to go find a restaurant and try them! :wink: @AnnWrites


I can’t remember how to just write a post without hitting reply…Do I have to start at the top of the thread? Sometimes I worry about my tech skills. No. ALL the time I worry about my tech skills.

Anyway, trying to get motivated to start a new project. Instead I’m sitting here in bed with my third cup of coffee, my laptop, my iphone, and my kindle.

What’s everyone working on these days? I’m a little out of the loop. I’m hoping to start a new story on Wattpad this week, but for once I’d like to have the thing plotted out ahead of time. :cactus: Comin’ atcha from sunny California. Still can’t believe I live here now. :palm_tree:


I didn’t know it worked so well! Which brand do you use? Of course my mom will still not use it. She doesn’t even want to buy readymade flour, she will go and personally inspect the wheat and have it ground! You know, I bought one of those vegetable choppers from Amazon…She refused to use it. But I use it now, it’s a time-saver.

It’s like those naan breads, except they’re roasted on the stove instead of the clay oven…

California sounds lovely and you seem very happy to move there. But it will probably motivate you to enjoy the outdoors more than writing a book!
I’m working on the third part of my book “Dork in Love”. The second part was too hard to write and it’s not so entertaining to read, either. But the third part is easier and my beta loved it.


Those second parts are so hard to get right! (write? haha) That’s why they call it the Saggy Middle Syndrome. I love the title of your book! Is it a YA or NA? I’ll go check it out.


I added it to my reading list…is it fan fic for Meg Cabot?


It’s YA. I was expecting teens to read it, but it’s the pre-teens who are reading it. I didn’t know about the ‘saggy middle syndrome’, so it’s that common? Glad I’m not the only one struggling with this.
Removing the link, because I suddenly remembered it’s against the rules. Will send you a pm


The way I look at it, if the preteens get to know you as a writer, that’s awesome. They won’t stay preteens forever!


And ahhhh! It’s on Amazon. Is everyone in this group publishing OFF Wattpad now? I haven’t jumped into that yet. (Too lazy? Scared? Unmotivated? Unwilling? I don’t know but I just haven’t.)


It was really easy to publish it on Amazon, didn’t even have to tweak the cover…and I instantly got sales and borrows. None of my other books got this kind of love from total strangers lol.


That is AWESOME! The cover is extremely eye-catching.