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Wow! Never knew this was there. It’s a bit of a revelation. You get lucky with the weather, it’s an unbelievably lovely early spring1!!


Great pictures. So glad you’re having a nice time <3


Wow this fortress is haunting, with those looming rock formations…And spring is beautiful…Plus you’re a really good photographer!


Thanks everyone:) I haven’t had to use my snow cleats once,lol, though my down jacket has come in handy. It was a very cold wind on the top deck during Iron Gate gorge and some of the mornings are chilly. Overall, wonderful traveling weather


If I could visit just one country before I die, it would be the Netherlands. Clean governance, government policies are not dictated by greedy corporate interests and bicycle-friendly cities…I have some kind of utopian vision of them.


And you’re not wrong either. Lovely country and great people. Amsterdam is fabulous. My only complaint would be it’s all rather flat, but yes, great for cycling along the canals.


Glad this is not a media-hyped myth :slight_smile: Now I’m really excited about going there.


Welcome back Shelly and @MNJGreenhill.

I’ve finished up a couple of stories. A Romantic Suspense, which I dropped after losing my mother in 2012, it’s now finished and will be posted here for a couple of months.

I finished a Sci Fi, my very first finished Sci Fi - I have a bunch of unfinished ones - under a different pen name.

Two stories finished in 2 months, I’m very surprised! Oh of course if they’ve been rattling around the hard drive 3/4 written, it’s easier to finish them.

Mostly spring cleaning.

@AnneWrites and @Nablai - what are those things you are talking about? Like a flatbread rolled around a filling?

I’m so bored with cooking American food! I want to learn something different. I can’t imagine having access to real, freshly ground whole wheat flour. The bread you eat must be fabulous.


Chapati/Roti is a round flatbread native made by kneading wheat flour with water to make a dough. Traditionally known as atta, it is shaped into smaller balls for ease. And the dough is rolled with a rolling pin and roasted on an iron tawa (skillet). Like this-

This is called a paratha. Paratha has many varieties like plain, stuffed, rolled. And you can use any fillings of your choice. The most famous are Potato paratha (Aloo paratha in Hindi) and Cabbage paratha (Gobi paratha in Hindi). Here’s a recipe of Potato paratha. with step-by-step pictures for easy guidance :slight_smile:

@everyone This is an open invitation to all the ladies, friends to be my guest whenever any of you visit India. It’d be an honour and delight to host you :slight_smile:


Oh my – That would be a dream come true!

I’m gonna check out the recipe. Thanks so much!

This area of Kentucky is different (from where I grew up in Ohio) because we are near an army base. So there are all kinds of ethnic food stores. People here are a lot more relaxed about different cultures than the average small town because most of them have seen the world.

I’ve tried a bit of Asian cooking and a tiny bit of Mexican - so I’m looking forward to experimenting.


It’s definitely healthier, but taste is the same as store-bought rotis. Or maybe my taste-buds are dead :smiley:


I still have India on my bucket list. Need more time though, this is not a destination for a two week holiday! :bowing_woman:


I’ll be waiting for you, my friend :slight_smile:


Wattpad is a good place to gain that confidence, for sure.


Wow, that long? This business is all “hurry up and wait.”


Fortress looks like something from Game of Thrones. It must be spectacular in person. Glad you are having fun!


I would love to visit the Netherlands, too. For some reason it is calling to me.


It’s great news to hear that you have found your writing rhythm again after your loss. I will definitely check out the romantic suspense.


So here we are in Castle Bran in Transylvania. Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for a couple of months, and Brad Stoker used a picture of the castle as his inspiration for his novel Dracula. 'Dracula ’ means son of Dracul in Romanian and Dracul means ‘dragon’. Vlad was the inspiration for his character :slight_smile:FB_IMG_15541358758447081