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Ooh I’m reminded of that book ‘The Historian’…the author thinks Vlad is still around…He’s a vampire after all.


Hiya folks!


Wow, I can see how this beauty could have been an inspiration. I already love it just from the picture.


Would love to explore the Castle Bran someday…:slight_smile:


I have to cheer for myself!

I just remembered to take my first-of-the-month pictures.I intentionally grabbed the next-size-down jeans so they would be tight enough to not disguise my weight.

They zipped.

I expect I’ll be able to wear them to our anniversary dinner next Sunday.


This is great news :slight_smile:


I’ve been putting some serious thought into a vampire novel lately!



I should have that Frozen song playing on endless loop.


Good for you!!! Whoot!


That was a great little video you posted, Ann (about descriptive writing). I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I can use some of those tips in my writing tomorrow morning.

I hope that things have improved with your mother. I’m really sorry to hear she had a fall.


I always thought you wrote very descriptively. I guess there are levels of description, and then there are LEVELS of description. How are the edits going? is this still the first Frankenstein book you’re referring to, or something else?


Congratulations on finishing the ghost-writing book. It seems like only a while ago that you were talking about taking that job! My how time flies. Good for you – happy to hear you’ll be writing creatively again.

I’m back in the saddle as well, as of Tuesday. Feels so good!


Your roti’s look amazing! And thank you for the welcome to your home. I will certainly be going back to India one day, God-willing, so hopefully we will meet and I’ll have one of your roti’s :wink:


So nice to see you ladies chatting away in here. :blush:

I’ve been a ghost on all forms of media because of math, but I had my midterm last week and scored 67%! :star_struck::tada: (that’s an A+ in my world! haha!). My final exam is next week, so I’m still not off the hook, but the end is in sight.

Anyway, I have some good news: I started writing my next book! I’m really happy about it. Not just because I started writing again, but also because I’m remembering that this is supposed to be fun, and it’s meant to make me more connected with life, not less.

I managed to squeeze in a writing conference this last weekend :sweat_smile: and what I took from that entire weekend was that I want to have a more balanced writing life. Usually I binge-write and then burn out, and then quit for a while, and then I feel like a ‘bad writer’ so I binge… and the cycle repeats ad infinitum.

For this month I’m trying something new, and if it works, I’ll stick with it. The idea is to develop a regular writing routine—to write every day for one hour.

I heard a few successful authors at the conference say they write one hour a day, and in one hour they can average about 1000 words. And over one year that’s 365,000, or three novels. So I thought, hmmmm, I could do that.

So even though I’m very busy right now, the last few days I’m doing these 7:30AM writing sprints. I think I like it, and best of all, I think it’s something I can commit to long-term. I kind of love my day after I’ve written for an hour. It’s like coating myself with teflon—nothing sticks. But it’s kind of weird. It’s definitely not how I’m used to writing. When I stop I feel kind of… it’s like stopping to go pee when you’re right in the middle of it :joy:, but I think I might get used to it over time…


What about you? Do you have a writing routine that you tend to stick to, or one that you’re religious about, or do you binge-write like me? I’m curious to know.


Wow, that’s a lot!


I thought so too, but then I actually did a few one hour sprints and I wrote about 900 words each time, so I found it to be realistic.

I think they also mentioned when they sit down to write, they write, so the planning and thinking part comes while they’re driving or washing the dishes. So when they write it’s not editing mode, just sprinting.


I’m going to give it a shot. My novel is already plotted out. :slight_smile:


If that works for you then go for it, it certainly is an “efficient” way of writing. I put it in brackets, because writing ought to be enjoyable, but for those of us who have days jobs, maths exams (WELL DONE you!!! throwsc confetti and hands over chocolate) efficiency is actually a big thing. I tell myself I should get 2 chapters out per week, that’s over 6 K words and also close to the 1K mark you list. When editing, I have roughly the same target for the first round and for rounds 2 and 3 it speeds up. Currently, I’m doing the language polishes and that means 2 chapters a day.
Anyway, other people might be motivated differently i.e. not by numbers. We should not forget that numbers aren’t everthing, but for me they work too.

Congratulations on starting another book!! I’m so happy - you got what it takes. Stamina, passion, determination and a sparkling mind!

In terms of description, we are talking the Attic. I think a lot of it is subjective. I had a passage where she cycles from A to B and the editor was upset I wasn’t giving landscape. But thank you and Shelley for your feedback on the descriptiveness, that comment did cause hanging ears on my side, I must admit. Well, all for a good cause I guess.


A question that occurred to me the other day. What are your goals in writing? Where do you want to be with your stories (apart from topping bestseller lists and winning tons of awards)?
I would be happy, if I could generate a bit of extra income. I want to retire (very) early next year and it would be nice to have somet pocket money…

And of course, I want to be able to say I’m a successfully published author. Success meaning the stuff actually earns money.

As one gets older, dreams get smaller.


LOL - we get used to the taste of home, I think. It’s very hard to find real whole wheat bread here. My Aunt gave my parents some for Christmas one year. I’ve never tasted anything like it out of a store.

I make sourdough bread a couple times a year, it’s pretty good. Especially with a bit of whole wheat flour. Mostly I use the starter for pancakes.

Most of the women I know won’t eat bread, but I love it.

I’ve been working in the barn, getting it clean. I’m usually too tired to write, so I haven’t been around.

@ShelleyBurbank - thanks for the read! I’m really happy with the way that one shaped up. Still knocking the rough edges off the ending. But I’m getting there.

@elveloy That’s so cool! the Portrait shows a very strong face with a little bit of ruthless in the eyes. The castle had to be great fun to see.

My writing tends to be seasonal. This time of year I’m working in the barn, and in Fall I get ready for winter. So I’m to tired to write much. Summer when its hot and my allergies kick in, I write in the mornings on the porch. Winter I write in the afternoon.

I’ve been stay at home and semi-retired for a lot of years, but I didn’t get a whole lot done because I was taking care of my parents, then their estate. They were hoarders, so getting rid of all the stuff and getting the place ready to sell took 5 years.

When I do write on a daily basis I set a goal for a thousand words a day. I usually have two of the I. C. Talbot short stories and one of my own that I work on. I’ve finished Collision Course, Have Spaceship, Will Travel, Not So Wicked and I’ve got Stimulation in the drawer to edit.

Since Amazon has that weird algorithm thing going on, I’d like to publish in clusters. Start with a couple short stories and then publish the longer works. It worked very well last summer, so I’m gonna do it again this year.

“Luck of the Draw” is kinda stuck on WattPad - I’ve got to leave it because it was short listed for the Watties and they want it to stay put for six months. I just don’t know when the six months started, so that’s a bit of a puzzle.

So, I can say, from two years of experience, that an hour a day with a 1k goal can produce a LOT of finished work over the course of a year. Even if it’s just in 3 month sprints.

Then, once you have 3 or 4 finished works, publishing 1 work every 30 to 90 days on Amazon will really boost your sales. But after 90 days it all crashes and you need to do it again.

This year, I’m gonna take most of my stuff off KDP and take it wide.

Got to go - the hubs is hungry.


Nope nothing… not one… I write what comes to me. I’m a panters if that’s how you put it. Honesty, I feel like I’ve channeled some books to me. Others like my fact books are me researching topics I find fascinating.


Hi Shalon and Everyone,

Shalon, excited to hear your excitement! Writing has its ups and downs, and we know, after having experienced it numerous times, that the writing mojo WILL return. Eventually. But it is always a bit of a relief and a huge boost when it comes back! Writing a bit every day, getting into a routine seems to be the way to go. Like exercise and eating right and meditating or whatever, it is the discipline that is both effective and difficult. 1000 words a day seems like a doable goal.

@Annwrites, good luck with the new novel! Congrats on getting the plotting done. Plotting makes the writing so much easier, imo.

@lhansenauthor Exactly the same goal that you have. Well, to be even more specific I want to earn $20K a year through writing. I’m not “fancy” and have worked hard to make my life more simple, i.e. I don’t need to purchase much in the way of clothes, shoes, makeup (and of course, no pantyhose). The way I look at it, though, some years will be better than others. Sometimes investments one year won’t pay off (if at all) until three years out. Shrug. I enjoyed the ghostwriting job (saw three versions of the cover the other day with my name on them!) and it was guaranteed money. I would do that every couple of years if I can and I find the right clients. I have to be interested in the story. But then again, I’m interested in most people which is what made newspaper writing so interesting. I really think you will be successful with your cozy mysteries.

@KAJordan2 So funny you mention sourdough bread…I was just reading a cookbook, read about sourdough starter, then decided I better get to work and logged onto Wattpad. It’s a Mediterranean cookbook, and now I’m starving and want a bowl of soup and some bread with olive oil. It’s not time for lunch though. I hear this stuff about Amazon and algorithms and it makes my head want to explode! Good for you trying to maneuver through it all. It just seems like so much of publishing is “gaming the system” in some way. I’m not ready to tread into those murky waters, so I admire people who are doing it.

@NatashaSantangelo Isn’t that the best feeling, when it seems as if the story is coming from somewhere outside you? I really think it is coming from deep subconscious and our brains are firing off just right…but it’s fun to “summon the muse” so to speak. My muse looks like Catherine Zeta Jones. I don’t know why but that’s just how I picture her. She reclines on a velvet chaise lounge in her robe and smokes cigarettes from a long holder and drinks champagne while deigning to throw me an idea once in awhile, lol.

Okay, off to write. I want to get a new blog post up. I know I should be posting at least once a week, but honestly I’m not that inspired to do it. I think it’s a “fear of failure” sort of thing. I want to be so careful with what I put out there on my blog that I’m not putting anything out on my blog! Ugh!



I want to actually be able to relax and feel the story happening as I write it…I think all the authors I admire were in the moment as they wrote. It is very enjoyable to write that way, but I’m always thinking of what will happen further ahead…I have a lot of anxiety. I want to write without anxiety. I want to enjoy the process of writing much more.

I try to motivate myself with money goals, but it just doesn’t work for very long. I do all these elaborate calculations of how much I could earn down the line, if my book stays above a particular rank. Or if my ad gets a certain ROI. But I can’t even think of what I’ll buy if I have a lot of money.