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My muse is a talking cat. It’s moody, temperamental and cuddly.

How do you come up with blog posts? I am trying to write a blog, but run out of things to share.


Yeah…that is my problem in a way. I wrote a blog for six years (awhile ago) that had a definite focus: sustainability and localism. So it was easy in a way to come up with topics. I blogged about where I shopped, what I cooked, local options, plus the bigger issues with sustainability.

Now this is different. It is my author website. I don’t want to write about MY writing all the time. Who wants to read that? So I’m trying to think of a focus that can enrich other people’s lives. Then I made a list of topics. But it all seems so…random. Sigh. I don’t even want to blog, and that is part of the problem. But the “general wisdom” is that you have to in order to keep your website fresh. It’s been hard for me to get the google search engine to have my website pop up when people google my name! I mean, my name is the name of my website. How hard can it be to have that be the first thing that comes up?! But apparently, it is. If I can’t figure it out myself, I will have to pay a web designer to fix whatever is wrong with it. Sigh. Hence, I need to blog for a bit and see if that helps.


You want to rank on top for sustainability and localism? And you’re willing to pay for it? But if you’re not writing/ selling a book about it, why do you even want to rank on top for those keywords?


I care about money goals for two reasons: It is professional. I don’t want to “sponge off” of my husband for my spending money–the occasional latte, any travel I do, classes I want to take, maybe a bicycle.


No. That was my OLD blog. My new blog is my author website.


I want my AUTHOR WEBSITE to rank at the top when someone googles MY NAME. That doesn’t seem so far-fetched does it? I’ve “finished” the old blog some time ago.


Well, it is actually popping up on the second page of the google search today…so that is a big improvement. It used to be page 7!


Wow, congrats on the jump in search ranking!

Sorry I should have read your old post more carefully :stuck_out_tongue:

I love my bicycle! It’s the only vehicle I own. Buy a used bike. A lot of people buy fancy bikes with the best intentions but then they never ride them and sell them off. Or they want to upgrade to a fancier bike. I have a GT2 Aggressor which I bought used.
Besides the cost savings, I like that I don’t have to worry too much about it getting damaged or stolen.

I need to find a sugar daddy for those kind of indulgences :smiley: :wink:


I’ve been very lucky to have a husband with a good job. I’ve worked part time (and sometimes full time) over the years of our marriage, but I was able to stay home and raise our daughter for most her life, which was important to us. It’s been a rather traditional marriage, and that works for us. I’m frugal and a very low-maintenance wife, haha. I tell him I’ve SAVED money rather than EARNED it (and Uncle Sam doesn’t tax what you save, only what you earn–haha but also true).

I have a bicycle at home in Maine but out here I’m going “car-free” so might want to get an electric assist bike for the hills. Not sure yet. Right now I’m walking (90% of the time) and taking the trolley and using Uber when I have to.


You are SO my my kind of “girl”. Well, I’m no girl, nor are you, but you know what I mean, I reckon.
I’ve got no children, so I support my sister and her hubby, who do. As far as hubby is concerned, he retired three years ago. Took a package and left. Without it, I think I would have lost him. His blood pressure was throug the roof. He’s happy now and i bring in more than enough bacon for the two of us and then some. We support kids in Africa and once i retire next year I can also do charity work and give something back to society.
But yes, a bit of extra dosh would be nice.


Lol. I never want to wear hose again.


I’m getting nothing done on my blog. I need to sign off Wattpad for the day. Have a good one, ladies!


I’m a pantser. Write stories in one sitting when inspiration strikes me. Tried to plan, plot and then write. Didn’t work. Was stuck. I find that I write better, faster when I’m in that zone with almost no edits.

Congratulations :slight_smile:

This is so nice of you :slight_smile: I’d love to work for the Red Cross Society some day. Probably after my kids finish their studies.


LOL I’m a web programmer and my hubby is a web designer :smiley:

Irony at it’s finest.

But good idea… I need to write more for my writer’s blog. I really should come up with topics list. My hubby feels I should do a blog or vlog on my fact book since there’s so much material than the one under 2k words per chapter I produce.


Hose or heels! Last time I wore heels I broke my freaking ankle. They were only an inch and a half high. I’m a hopeless clutz.


I wear sports shoes for comfort most of the time. High heels are reserved for weddings.

I’m one too :joy: My heels are two-three inches high. High heels give me the confidence to face the boring society dinners.


I write nearly every day, as part of my morning routine. I don’t always work on a novel. In fact, lately, I’ve been doing a couple of “pantsing” projects where I only write ahead one chapter before putting it out there. And, guess what? One chapter for wattpad is 1.5k-2.k words, so something you can get done in two days, easy, or, for me, in a morning because I’m able to go a couple of hours.

When you write for the NaNoWriMo challenge, if you ever have, they encourage you to do 1200 words a day and end up with a novel (technically a novella) by the end of the month at 60,000. But, they really do mean every day. It was a good habit former for me, even if that only meant I have half a novel. LOL


I get a cab when I go for the occasional date…Because then I like to get all dolled up. Otherwise, I’m fine with cycling up and down the hills (Pune has a lot of hills, so a geared bike helps). The longest ride I’ve done is 105 Kms. It almost killed me. In places the gradient was 40 degrees and the heat! I got horribly sunburned. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy so I didn’t wear sunscreen and I wore the kind of clothes that would dry off easily if I got drenched. I’m never going to Lavasa on bicycle again. Or maybe I will. But I’ll carry sunscreen.


I mostly wear wedges and platforms from Catwalk, they’re so comfortable. I have one pair of pencil heels, ouch ouch. The very thought of wearing them kills my feet. But I have this fantasy of dancing in them. Sometimes I take them out of the cupboard and put them on, play some music and dance in front of the mirror. Then I take them off and put them back in the cupboard and tell myself that I didn’t waste that money, and we’re allowed to have fantasy lives and fantasy men and it makes life more interesting.


I have found a line of the most comfortable high heeled boots. Socofy. You can find them on the NewChic app. They’re really interesting looking, too. So, I wear heals most every day… when I’ve never been able to in the past!