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Ooh I looked it up. The boots look like something out of a fantasy book. Show us some pix!! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, just touching base again, this is the only thread I have time to look at, plus it’s not always easy to get good wi-fi. Talking about boots, I am getting great wear from my Helly Hanson’s walking around Europe, lol. I’ve hit 25k steps twice on my fitbit, lol. Planning to catch up in person with Leigh and Jinn today in Fribourg, very exciting! :slight_smile:


Say hi to them and have a blast.


You must send pix!! I’m guessing that Switzerland must be gorgeous this time of the year? Did I tell you Leigh knitted me a scarf? :slight_smile:

Helly Hansons sound like the most comfortable, durable boots ever!


Give them my regards and warm wishes, Vera :slight_smile:


I’m taking a sabbatical from my day job this year so I can see whether I can make a go of it with fiction. I’m writing most days — I have an ongoing series on Radish, so I have to. Mostly I write about 2,000 words a day. When I’m not writing, I’m editing (my books are released first in Radish, then are taken down, edited and put on KU).

Writing and editing take about 40 percent of my time, and marketing takes up the rest. I’m hoping to flip those numbers soon.


If I can remember to take some pic, I will!


OH! BoHo boots! I adore them!

I’ve got a thing for colorful clothing. Colorful anything really, it gets worse as I get older. LOL

If you find a way to get sales without marketing every spare moment of the day, or spending a fortune, please tell us.

Yesterday I three books go free on Amazon (including Maize’s Diner) and had ZERO takers.

The KU numbers keep falling, and now they are zero on a first of the month Friday when I used to get a hundred or more.

Your results will vary, of course, but it seems like I’ve completely fallen off the AZ radar, again. I’ve got to get my barn in order so I can publish something.


As far as I can tell, spending $$$ is key to making money on Amazon. Basically my profits are now coming from Radish and Wattpad Paid Stories. Probably 75 percent of what I make on Amazon is re-invested in ads.

At the moment, I’m just thrilled I’m making a profit at all from writing.I am selling on Amazon, but it takes a huge, sustained effort. I don’t know if all of this will be enough for me to give up my day job. Or if I want to give up my day job. It’s a real dilemma.


Do you have everything in KU?

I made more money on B&N last month that I did on Amazon. No matter what they say about B&N and the Nook, it’s still a viable market. I have friends doing increasingly well on Kobo (and through Kobo, Walmart of all places.)

I’ve got to talk to some of my Author friends FtF to see what they are doing on Kobo. This time of year most of us do live events with paperbacks to generate interest for the Xmas season. I’ve got 9 or 10 paperbacks to sell and I’m going to do that awhile.

Best wishes on getting that kind of income. I’d love to see half that in a year.


Lina, also meant to write that stress is such a killer. I’m glad you husband was able to retire early…and I really hope you can transition to full-time writing! I think you can. I really do.


You have all the skills necessary for marketing! I’m envious. It has been a steep learning curve for me. On the other hand, I HAVE learned how to build a website using a wordpress template and then making major changes. So. Many. Hours. But yesterday I posted a new essay, added social media share buttons at the bottom of each blog post (automatic now) and a subscribe button for notifications of new blog posts. Feeling pretty good about myself right now…which will only last until the next time I want to change something on there, lol.


Ugh! It is so easy to break feet/ankles! I rolled my foot on a step once and broke a bone in my foot. Not fun.


Boring society dinners? This sounds interesting to me! What are they like? Why are they boring?


I would like to think I could get my body in shape to go up hills…but right now I definitely would not make it. Good point about prepping for weather conditions. Do you have saddlebags on your bike?


OMG! I am now drooling over the Socofy shoes. I could be one of those women who hoards shoes and handbags…but I rein myself in. Still…it’s fun to look!


Have fun and 25K steps!!!


How is that going, Tamara? (I don’t know if we’ve “met” on here. I’m Shelley. Nice to meet you.) I so admire people who are really jumping into the KU publishing game. I am way too chicken to do it yet. What have been the biggest pitfalls? Best experiences?


Me too and I think that is how it should be, haha. I follow a few older women on Instagram like Iris Apfel who I see as role models for my future self. I’m not quite there yet at 51…but the grayer my hair gets, the more colorful my clothes will get:)


This is also good to know!