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No, but now I’ve installed a carrier

I think this lady has amazing fashion sense, plus she shares my taste in vintage fashion

I just looked up Iris, I think she’s very flamboyant…

You know, at the age of 45 I have gotten over most of my body image issues. I dress younger now than I did when I was actually young. I even got myself a bikini but I haven’t worn it in public.


I agree, if you need a decent, steady income you have to keep marketing and invest serious money and effort into it. Congrats on taking the plunge! :slight_smile:


Oh, I like those skirts. I’ve been wearing a lot of the light fabric, ruffled skirts that come from India. It gets hot and humid in Kentucky, so they are more comfortable than shorts, because they keep the sun off my legs.


All the ladies at the dinners talk is the latest society gossip, which I’m afraid I’m not interested for the reason that I don’t know, recognise or haven’t even heard about the person they are talking about. I love talking about politics[national and international], economy, business, sports and the world in general. None of which are acceptable topics for gossip in the Indian society :joy: That’s why dinners are boring for me.


Hello! It’s nice to meet you too! I’ve had some small flirtation periods with KU, but haven’t ever stayed in to any degree until this year. So far, it’s been pretty good and somewhat consistent, between $2,500-$4,000 a month for the past several months. The pitfalls are that I need to spend money — sometimes up to $2K — in advertising and promo.

I’m not a financial risk taker by nature. But I did save a lot when I had my day job and have anticipated this kind of ad spend. And we don’t have a mortgage, so there’s that. We’re quite blessed in this financial situation. But…there is a great (if not mentally challenging) job waiting for me in October.

At the moment, I’m breaking down like this:

  • Two trilogies in KU, plus their boxed sets
  • Two books in Wattpad Paid Stories
  • Three books on Radish. One of those is exclusive and will be for the foreseeable future. The other two are coming down this summer to go into KU.

I was wide but never really gained a foothold in Kobo/BN. iBooks was okay and I think they are trying hard to cultivate indies. I actually just had a call with their new indie liaison recently.


Touchwood! :slight_smile:

Nice =]


Here we all are in beautiful Fribourg…! It was a little chilly, there was still snow around, but we made up for it with a delicious lunch, and lots of walking! We are now considering forming a Wattpad Tour and Home visit company


Lovely pic :slight_smile: All of you look so pretty together :slight_smile:


Thanks for dropping by, Vera, and for the warm welcome, Leigh! It was a wonderful day!


I’ve missed something… KU is Kindle Unlimited? Or something else?


Yes, KU is Kindle Unlimited


@TamaraLush @KAJordan2

That’s really interesting information about how Amazon works, and how you’ve managed to work the system to your advantage. That’s a LOT of books you’re working on! Bravo!

At the conference I went to there were a lot of pretty successful Amazon authors (CJ Hunt was one of them and Jonas Saul was another) and they also mentioned really needing to write prolifically to make it work. But when they figured out a system to do that (write prolifically, and Jonas Saul has it down to an artform, actually, they both did) then the money really started rolling in.

In fact, one of the best workshops during the weekend was with Robert Sawyer who is one of the most successful and famous science fiction writers of all time, and he is actually contemplating self-publishing his next book because the trad publishers don’t want it (because it’s not following his established “style” of writing). He thinks this book is his magnum opus and no one wants it! What a frigging brilliant speaker that guy was. He had SO MUCH insider info about traditional publishing and was very well educated about self-publishing, so he was practically having a debate with himself live in front of a few hundred people. At the end, he asked for a vote on which side won the debate, and the audience voted for self-publishing his next book.

Anyway, fascinating stuff. I am always putting this information in my back pocket so I can draw on it later if I go that route.


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I find this topic of writing routines fascinating and wonder how on earth this never came up as a discussion point in the past years!? It’s fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

It’s very interesting many of you average about 1K a day, although you all get to it in different ways.

I probably wrote around 500 a day (averaged out over a year) with my previous way of writing, but it really felt out of balance. Going crazy writing that I lost all track of reality. I think @MarilynAHepburn (aka Stacy) mentioned really struggling with that as well and that’s why she’s not here lately… :confused:

For me it’s not really the amount (1K), but the hour I sit down and work on my creative writing, whatever that is. I’m not limiting that to writing this book, or even writing. It might be editing or it could also be planning. But most of all, it should be fun.

Ann, I love how you mentioned wanting to enjoy the process of writing more. I feel the exact same way, and to be honest, it’s something I keep forgetting, so I’m actually making it a part of my daily practice to remind myself before I start writing WHY I’m doing this.


Amazing you all met up! What a lovely picture – thanks for sharing, Vera! I’m tagging @LeighWStuart so she might join in.

I missed Leigh when I was in Switzerland because I was broke AF and it’s SO expensive there (and my bf wouldn’t let me use his car – Swiss guys are not all they’re cracked up to be! :wink: )


Thanks @shalonsims We had a great time! With so many wattpad friends around the world it’s a real opportunity to catch up in person and experience some local knowledge:)


Oh fantabulous! I finally get to see all three of you together!


Has anyone heard of the ‘Healthy Romance Collection’ group?

They just put all three of my completed works on their reading list. I’m a little stunned (happily so) and hadn’t a clue they existed.

OH - I get it now, @DomiSoto and @BridgesandTunnels are in that group, too. I wondered how they found me.

What an interesting group!


Congratulations :slight_smile:



I’m still discovering things about WattPad. There’s a lot going on that surprises me. This is a small group, but I think it came out of discussions about how the same old ‘sick’ romances are so boring.

(Don’t tell anyone, but I no longer write romances. The genre has been taken over by Romantica and I’m just too old and stuffy to start writing that smarmy sex stuff. Shhhh!)


I recently had a reading list named after me on Wattpad. It was a wonderful feeling :slight_smile: