LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


I’ll bet! I’d be dancing on air.

Come to think of it, I’d be dancing on air right now if the dogs didn’t have me pinned down. LOL My snuggle pups keep me grounded.


Sounds like you are on a pretty good roll…too bad the marketing costs are so high to get results on Amazon…but I imagine as you continue to build a base of readers it will be less necessary?


Aw, nice to see all of you! Great pic!


That’s the hope! I feel like I’m on a good roll, considering my books are all just a smidge off-market. Like, they’re written to market with the usual tropes (billionaire, mostly), but they have a chick-lit voice, or a vegetarian heroine who refuses to ask the hero for help, or a dog named Ozzy Pawsbourne. Details that somehow keep them from completely resonating with a wide audience. LOL.


Oh that’s what the men talk about. Unless they work at the same place, then it’s office politics.

They say the more books you have in the series, the more ROI you get. So it will get more and more rewarding down the line. It’s not easy to spend that amount even if you have it…But you’re making it back, so you should keep going. Congrats!

That’s a good idea! Why am I treating it like a chore. I need to remind myself too…


I get what you are saying about romance reader expectations but as a very picky (and slightly cynical and perhaps BORED) reader I’m like, “Yes! Something new and interesting!”


When I first started writing romance, I assumed that being quirky and unusual was a good thing. I was kind of wrong; readers want different but only to a point. Especially the readers in KU it seems.


Hm, and there’s me thinking of writing a romantic suspense novel that tdoes not pander to the usual tropes. Hm


Which is totally okay! And if done right, can be wildly popular! I’m looking to make a living out of writing fiction, and I’ve discovered that it’s easier to do that if you strictly write to market. It’s not that it can’t be done by writing what you want, but that your path to making money will be longer.


You’re right, especially the romance market is pretty unforgiving. I write mysteries mainly, with just a dash of (very slow) romance but I was thinking of branching out just to air my brain a bit.
Since I’m only looking for an additional trickle I’m probably less bound by conventions. Still, I keep telling myself - ignore reader demands at your peril,


Hello, everyone. I’m new to wattpad… Why haven’t I heard of this community before??? Anyway, I’m glad I found it. Better late than never, right?


Hi there, welcome to Wattpad. Could you please get into contact with @shalonsims who runs this writing group? She will let you know if it is open again. Thanks! The first post explains the details a bit better, jus scroll up top and it’s all there.


Oops. Sorry about that.


Absolutely no problem! The group is great, but we are trying to make sure we can still manage the discussions. If you have any general questions or need tips for WP, you are welcome to PM me on the main site. There used to be an open over 35 thread in General Fiction, not sure if it still exists


I thought that too. So wrong!

I didn’t work when I tried it, I got a short burst of sales in the UK and nothing since. Romantic Suspense is a fun genre to write, though I find it takes me a lot of plotting to get everything to fall into place.

Under my mother’s pen name, I’ve done better pandering to a local audience of our old home town. (I don’t think there’s an emoji for how puzzling this is. Maybe a head upside down?) (-;

Still, it’s better to publish to Amazon in bursts unless you are very fast. It appears that a couple of short e-books about 60 days apart, then a longer work will give you better overall visibility for the longer work. YMMV of course.


I’m so glad I’m not trying to do the Amazon thing. It just sounds like a writer mill in that you are forced to grind them out one after the other in order to start generating an income. I guess at least it’s in your hands, not some “gatekeeper.” And even trad publishing doesn’t guarantee sales.

I understand that romance is totally trope driven. Nothing wrong with it, either. But as a READER, I need something a little different to catch my interest. I guess that’s why I’ve drifted to romantic suspense, mysteries, and chick lit.


I sometimes feel the same way was a reader, but I’ve been surprised by the quality and creativity of some indie romance. Some of it is a numbers game — can you afford to advertise to get to a certain level.

As far as it being a grind, yeah, I get that. But then again, I write as a journalist in my day job. It’s a great job, but a grind of a different kind.


Heh. I used to work as a freelance travel writer, but my background is in marketing, PR and comms. So, I write a lot but as you say it’s a “different grind”. I’m phasing myself out, so I’m doing internal rather thane xternal comms, and that’s actually better. I get to write decent stories, rather than soulless technical PR the journalists hate and don’t pick up.
But the Director knows best and if the texts are not picked up, it’s just my bad writing, right? Right!
Writing jobs these days are no fun, no matter on which side of the divide you are. Journalists are dying out. Nobody wants to pay for content…


I’ll try a novella next. I have something in my head that refuses to go. It’ll be a mystery/romantic suspense mongrel.
First, catch your romance. I’m now reading up on the genre. In my cozies, I can just add a dash of romance and get away with it, but I need to amp up the emotions.


You know THOSE mystery/romantic suspense mongels are my favorite puppies:) I look forward to reading it!