Hello ! I really LOVE LONDON … and I made a thread about that lovely place :heart_eyes:

Let’s talk about LONDON BABY :slight_smile:


What do you love about it?


I love everything about that place ! what do you like about London?


HELLOOO i live in london, but it’s hard for me to find things that i like about it if i’m being honest. what is it that you like about it so much?


Living here is a bit depressing, isn’t it. It’s dark by 4, and someone’s getting stabbed left right and centre, while our country goes to shit over the EU.


omg exactly! the area that i live in has gotten so bad this year, i just find it hard to understand where all this admiration for london comes from.


There’s been many break-ins in my area; one time they were in my garden, so I fired an air rifle at them and they ran away.


oh my goodness that’s really messed up. i don’t understand why things aren’t being done to try and sort this out. it’s a serious problem, and we all know it’s happening but nothing has really been done yet.


i’m not the biggest fan of london, but i’m heading up there next week to see the cursed child play, so i’m super excited for that! :partying_face:


It’s the wild west essentially.


D: and we thought we would be safer with guns being illegal and all


Oh, we are. Guns are useful in the right hands, but that does not fit London. An air rifle is a non-lethal weapon.


I don’t know that I think that city is very attractive to me :blush:

@LordBoyar well I wish we could switch so you can Live here and I there lol

@MeowTheCatSays I don’t have a specific reason I like the place just the way how it is

@palestarlightcowboy okay I go visit London next year for a sight seeing I can’t wait :smiley:


Would someone close this thread please?