Long Chapters Vs. Long Books [POLL]



When reading on Wattpad, which is preferable? Longer chapters and less story parts or more story parts and shorter chapters?

  • Long Chapters/Short Book
  • Short Chapters/Long Book
  • Doesn’t Matter
  • Other

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If other please explain below.

Feel free to discuss reasoning behind each opinion.


Other, it really just depends. I do tend to go for longer stories, a lot of the books I’ve read are between 300 and 800 pages, but lately more like 450 to 800 pages, if it is interesting, I read it, the length doesn’t matter. I personally write long stories with long chapters and have been told by a few different people they are too long for Wattpad, but I don’t care, I just do me, nobody has complained about it :woman_shrugging:

Edit: on these stories, when I update consistently, I get anywhere from 10 or 15, sometimes 17 reads per chapter.

My longest story so far, Kassidy has 451 reads over 16 chapters


I voted in terms of printed books- I like it being broken up into shorter parts because I may only have a few minutes to read before having to go somewhere, and I really have stopping in the middle of a scene.

On Wattpad books however, I personally like short chapters/short(er) books for the most part. Books are usually a lot of filler content with certain minor conflicts being dragged out way too long (understandably because the author is usually just posting a first draft). If it’s a shorter book, you can usually bet that it’s more conflict and actual story, and less filler material


Well with that you gotta be careful because otherwise, when you cut filler, it makes your story look and feel rushed


Well, it depends on how we’re defining filler. I see it as unnecessary material that doesn’t move the story along or develop characters or relationships. Anything that doesn’t aid the story ultimately shouldn’t be there.

But if you see it as parts of the story that aren’t strictly the conflict part, then I agree that the story would feel rushed if it’s eliminated. Most stories do need character moments and interactions outside of the main conflict.


It shouldn’t matter, but realistically, since I’m always reading on mobile in between doing other things, short chapters are preferable to me.


i said it doesn’t matter, because i will read longer chapters if the writing is worth it, but when i’m reading on a device i generally prefer shorter chapters.


Whatever the story calls for.

I even like a long book with long chapters lol.


It depends on the level of success of the book. If it is an instant hit, it can be anything. If it is not, shorter chapters, longer book will give it a better fighting chance, particulary if you engage into the read for read exchanges.


I really don’t like shorter chapters unless they’re for a reason. I’d rather read a fleshed out scene.

I’m not a fan of short parts just for faster updates.

So long as the story doesn’t drag on passed its expiration date and so long as the scenes are fleshed out without dragging on, I’m happy.


Just curious, what do you consider a non-fleshed out short chapter?

My chapters typically average 1500-3000 words per chapter on Wattpad (that’s what I consider short) because thats about what it takes for me to flesh out a scene (I’m pretty sure the scene is fleshed our, I hope so :sweat_smile:). Would you consider that short or long?


Medium? I’ve seen chapters ~1k and I’ve seen 10k chapters. Lol. I average around a 3k in my WIP as well.


With a fleshed out scene, I’m looking for enough to get me invested and enough description to bring the scene to life without too much description dragging it down.

I’ve read a lot of 800 word chapters around here where I feel like the description is completely lacking and there’s nothing there pulling me in. There’s just a chunk of back and forth dialog with a simple tag to show who’s talking, but I don’t see the character’s movements or feel what they’re feeling. It’s just too simple to make me enjoy the story and the scene feels like it really didn’t serve a purpose.

I’m basically following the character’s step by step actions, stopping for some quick dialog, then following a little more step by step actions and then the scene is done. By the end of the chapter, I just don’t give a shit about the character or what happens to them. There’s no meat.

I’d consider 1500-3000 a good amount.


Makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:


Good question OP, as I know my chapters are too long, but I wanted to cram more story in. Due to feedback I am shortening the chapters :wink:


Personally, I feel like it depends on each book individually. I would rather have a short chapter where I feel fulfilled with what I have read rather than a short chapter where I feel like I’ve read an incompleted chapter.

Same goes for long chapters, I am not a fan of reading of a long chapter just because the rest of the book of the might have long chapters and the author wants to continue the trend because then it feels a bit forced. I would rather read a long chapter that is not dragged out and is eventful.


I think it depends on how much stuff his happening in the chapter and how interesting or compelling it is. Chapters should be as long or as short as needed to engage the reader into the story.


Agreed I feel the same way


In terms of wattpad, I don’t mind if the chapter is short, that is if the book is finished because at least I know that I wont have to wait to see the end versus reading a short chapter and having to wait until the next update. However a longer chapter is more preferred because I feel like a lot can be introduced or properly explained with a longer chapter. I feel that if not written properly a lot of short chapter can be left feeling unfulfilling and slightly empty if you understand what I’m saying. Longer chapters give the authors a better chance to create a more fulfilling chapter