long term friends?



Hi! I’m Christy. I’ve been on wattpad for many years now even though it had been on different accounts. Overall I’ve made some friends who all have been a huge improvement in my life and I’d love to just make some more friends! so don’t be shy and introduce yourself if you’re interested in becoming friends :smile:


Ohhh really??? I had been in Wattpad since 2014 and I really would love to have long term friends here. Is it.possible??? I’m interested and I may be an.introvert in the real world, but if you will get to .know me, I would be an extrovert in no time. So I’m interested in this… and where do we start?


i wish i had friends like that


I’m Yara, I’m 16.9, I want to make lots of long-term friends, Because currently, I have no social life. All of my friends left to their home countries,as well as one of my life goals is to have friends from all around the globe.
I’ve been using Wattpad since 2016 but I have discovered the community thing last month and it was by chance


it’s honestly just happens when you find people who are either reading the same thing or just having the same interests in general i guess when you spend a lot of time on here its just kinda a thing that happens


you could if you want to


hi Yara! that’s great. how are you?


i dont even think i have any friends anymore they just ignore me then just forget im even here.


then those people aren’t really friends trust me


Ohhh. I usually comment on stories tho but nothing happens hahahahahahahaha :laughing: so thats why I tried to find these “clubs” here in Wattpad to discover and.interact with more people that are possibly gonna be long term friends with me


im just going to forget about them the same way they forgot about me so its fine


lmao I don’t think commenting on stories would actually get you talking to people at least that’s never happened to me haha. I do think wattpad has changed over the years though like i feel its getting more competitive rather than willing to read each others stuff instead of asking for vote and stuff. but that said the clubs are a great place to meet people, not sure about this new thing though


great plan like you should find people who do want to be your friend because that’s so much better


I joined wattpad just a few days ago. So I guess i need some friends.


welcome! wattpad is a good place to find friends i guess


fine , what about you :grinning:


doing good. got exams this week haha


My actual social life sucks. Might as well give the virtual one a try.


are you an IGCSE student ?