long term friends?



That’s great! At least now you see what I mean. An outline is like a web where you can just place ideas without repercussion. Whereas, a draft requires a revision that can turn into a mess.


See that was my problem I went straight for the draft and then got frustrated and just let the characters do what they want :woman_facepalming:t2: Definitely going to try this method. Perhaps not today im a little burnt out lol I got a burst of inspiration last night and wrote four chapters in a row and finished one of my stories. I think I need a break to clear those characters from my mind and focus on the characters for the next one im still kind of holding on to them, i miss them :weary: i feel incredibly attached to my characters :joy::relieved:


I don’t know how you write 4 chapters in a row. I just don’t. And if you weren’t attached to your characters, I don’t imagine the story would be very good. Just remember when to kill them.


Kill them :cold_sweat: i could never


I mean i have killed off characters before but i just… these two characters specifically really helped me work out some stuff in my personal life and i really do love them :heart::heart_eyes::weary:


then dont kill them off and hi agian


Lol Hey!l


sorry im still in school


Oh really? High school or? God I miss high school :tired_face:


yup ill trade i hate high schoool


Darling we ALL say that but I PROMISE you you’re going to miss it so much after you graduate. Adulting sucks


nah im already a mini adult thanks to my parents


That’s good I just meant the whole friends aspect of it. Everyone moves and then everyone has different work or school schedules and its just hard to keep in touch. Thats all I miss


yeah well i only talk to them a t school generally i have too much to do


In Janurary and June.


Yeah. XD Until September 2019.


Hi :wave:

shyly waves from the corner






Anyway, how are you?