long term friends?



Yes, when you’re either in grade 11 or grade 12, you can choose your subjects.


You have so many subjects to write! I write only four exams, two are compulsory, and I should choose one or more else, I chose two


Oh, I see. Also, the subjects I mentioned, I need them for uni.


What grade are you in?


I am in 10th grade, there are just 11, not 12, so I will write exams in a year


I see.


How many subjects does uni require?


It depends, some only need 1 while others need 7 or 8.


It is uncomfortable, isn’t it? I need three ones in any cases


I wouldn’t say uncomfortable I would say confusing. It’s not really straightforward.


Anyway, what are you doing?


I am at school, what about u?


In my room doing an assignment.


It’s kind of homework?


Yeah, sort of.


Do you have any teachers who annoy you?


My chemistry teacher. He doesn’t care if you didn’t raise your hand, he will make everyone participate even if they don’t like it.


Huh, yeah. Do you have many male teachers ?


I only have one this semester. In second semester, I will have two male teachers.


I’m good you