long term friends?



Tired as always.


It is evening for u I suppose?


It’s almost 11:00 PM here.


How did u spend your day?
I just came to school lol


Went to school and after that I just did my homework.


It was replete and interesting day I suppose :joy:


Yeahhh, so interesting. XDD


How many classes do you have every day?


4 but they’re 75 minutes long.


It is hard to study smth for 75 min without breaks :anguished:


Weeellll, when I first entered high school it was but at now, not really. I also have a 5 minute break in between classes.


jumps into conversation


Have you long breaks? I like my 20 min and 30 min breaks, because I can come to my physics class and drink tea with cookies there with my friends and physics teacher


You have physics? I wish I could have taken it this year. It seems like so much fun


In what grade are you?


I have a few 5 minute breaks and an hour break.


A whole hour! Fantastic!


Yeah. :smiley:


I’m a senior in high school and because of schedule problems, I couldn’t take physics ;-;


The system seems to be unusual, where are u from?