long term friends?



It’s been… okay, I guess. Not the best


Hi everyone :smile:


Okay, I guess.


how are you?


I’m great thank you! Wby how are you?


it’s the first kind of winter-y day we’ve had this year where i live and im so childishly excited


Winter-y days are so awesome!!! On Saturday we got 6 inches of snow where I live and it’s so awesome!


@ttddmm @death_by_fanfic our both so lucky :sob:I’m going on holiday soon so I hope it snows there :smile:




Huh, obviously no


I had network sorry, I feel confused without morning chat with u :c


Aw. You probably missed me so much. XD


it never snows here, so what i meant by winter was heavy rain haha, but i do hope you get to see some snow on your vacation!


The one thing that I don’t like about getting snow is that it means that the temperature is going to be dropping.

For example: I woke up this morning and it was 8 degrees F but the windchill made it feel like -10 degrees F.


Are u here?


I was until I fell asleep.






How are u?


I’m good, finally caught up on sleep.