long term friends?







Yeah i guess


Are you like a thread doctor?


Indeed, Dr. Lmaillet123


It’s nice to meet you. :grin: I am Gabby or Gabs if you prefer.


I’m Lindsay or Linds if u wanna call me that


Linds. I like it! ^^


Hello everyone!


Hello :slight_smile:


How are you doing?


Nothing much. Watching my sister play a video game and chatting with a few people. What’re you doing?


I am hanging about just trying to make some friends. Otherwise, I am drawing some pictures.


Don’t we all just hang around places at times? :smiley: Nice, what exactly are you drawing, if i may ask?


I am trying to make a picture of some roses and butterflies. I haven’t been drawing a lot over the last several years. So I thought why not start again.


Exactly, why not try and start again? Still roses and butterflies, nice subject.


It is a nice break from writing. I am still thinking about what to make happen next in my story.


Writing can really get tiring every now and then, so it’s nice to take a good break every now and then, especially when it gets tough to decide what’s next.


Yup. Do you care to tell me about any of your stories?


Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Well i write fanfiction, so that’s pretty self explanatory. Although i prefer fanfiction with subgenres and a new plot, which is why i write that in particular. I’m sort of a half/half with fanfiction and a lot of other categories