long term friends?



Cool! What you do you normally write fanfic on?


I’m a gamer so i write fanfiction for certain video games. Although i poured all my time into Undertale/Deltarune. I’ve got an entire series spanning 500 in-book years plus a Deltarune spin off. What about you? What are your stories like?


Dude, I love Undertale and Deltarune. I love to read fantasy and action adventure. I usually write general fantasy stuff.


I love fantasy stories! :smiley: The worldbuilding, the mystery, it’s so good! It just feels nice to read and write something so out of this world it makes you forget the world we live in.


How long have you been a writer?


About three years now. What about you?


About like ten or so.


Geez that’s a long time.


I have honestly been writing since I was a kid until now. So yes, I have been at it for a while. It is mostly a hobby.




hey people






Yeah wattpad people are great tbh! i also made some cool friends back in the days, like 6 years ago! still friends with that person :smiley:




thought i just jumped in the convo but yeah i am new around here haha so hey everyone


Thats amazinggg 6 year ago huh? wow


oh your’re new lune XD …im gonna call you that


oh coolll!! im already earning a nickname! love it
What should I call you?
Is Arte fine or Tom maybe? idk hehe
I personally like the name Tom, is it your real name?


yep…call me arte i like it
nope its not just a name which i like alot
so are you a guy or girl(just curious)im guessing girl XD