long term friends?



Yup guessed correct!
Hbu? OH and btw realllly nice to meet you Arte :wink:


me too!
nice to meet you to lune XD


So what do you guys usually chat about on here??


idk stuff…
whatever comes to your mind i guess
just life in general


oooo intrigued.
how about a question: do you like to read or write more?


i like to read more:)


defs reading hehe
haven’t actually gotten to the writing stuff as of yet


okay XD…
well whats your favorite book?


Actually it would be a fav series which is The infernal devices.
I don’t think I could possibly choose any one of the three books x


oh cool
well the hp series and the robert langdon series like basically all dan brown books


hey child!




its been looong


Yeah i know it’s been a while. What’re you doing?


well i just came back from school and im having a marvel marathon XD


and how are the braces


Ah man! You’re the lucky one. I had to deal with my ungrateful sister’s birthday! What i would give for a Marvel marathon… Which movie are you up to? Well i suppose right now i’m downloading a game’s soundtrack (It’s so good) when i’m meant to be sleeping. Cool.

The braces are a bit of a pain, but they’re getting better, the braces aren’t the actual problem, funnily enough


okay then wish her happy birthday XD…ungrateful haha!
well im in iron man 3…sleep child!
oh cool…is it the expanders?


okay i think he died!


Bingo, guessed the problem right. Why are the rings spiked and aimed towards your cheeks?!
(I’m alive! Got distracted by an OST that made me cry)

Iron Man 3, pretty good movie :slight_smile: