long term friends?



haha…oh sounds painful:(
yep it is…LOVE IRON MAN
aww you cried


It is, it’s already drawn blood… :frowning:
He is a good character i will admit, and his tech is awesome.

Hey i can cry. It was worth it! Just reliving a favourite game…


oh omg that bad
yep he is
alright just said aww XD
okay only if it was worth it XDD


It really is bad, it’s just confusing to me. Why give you something that hurts more than helps?
Which movie is after Iron Man 3? I forgot


oh okay actually what is it for?


i think thor dark world…i dont like watch it in the correct order


What’s what for? The expander?

Ah, well, just watch the movies however you like, Marvel flicks are so well know anyway, everyone knows the overarching storyline :wink:


yep the expanders
yea…im really excited for endgame


Sounds Gucci


What did u get put in??


Ah, that stupid thing. Well apparently while my bottom jaw is too far back, my upper jaw is too narrow for the surgery and braces to work with it. They’re literally forcing the bone apart. Oww :frowning:

Oh man Endgame looks like it’s going to be awesome, plenty of audience cheer moments i bet :smiley:


oh sad…ouch
yep ikr




Yep, every time that thing extends i feel like my eyes are going to burst out of my freaking head. It’s bad.

Still, only have to wait till April/May for Endgame!

That meme! :rofl: Yep, that sounds about right!


its alright
pat pat
you’ll get through it
yea…thats like ages away


Thanks :slight_smile:

Well it’s not to far, 2 or 3 months isn’t that long a wait

(Well i’m a guy so i can’t really guage how hot Chris is) Although i can say he is pretty damn fine


but like seriously how hot is chris hemsworth


yep it is a week is like ages for me


wait i forgot you’re a guy


Yeah don’t worry about it. Honestly he’s good to both