long term friends?



Still going with your Marvel marathon?


oh…nope was it was a hi to everyone XD


nope have to do math…dad forced me too


Ah, damn it. That sucks.
I’ve got to go back to school tomorrow, they fixed the problems after flooding… it’s been 2 weeks, jesus


yep it does…
2 weeks had a bit of a vacation damn


2 weeks then getting thrusted back into Year 11 Week 3. Yay, nope :frowning: I suppose it was a nice break


oh…year 11…thats gonna be tough
i suppose you played video games the entire time?XD


Well i actually divided my time rather effectively. XD I did play some games, but also posted some new work i keep getting stuck on now, met a ton of new people, had existential crisis’ Fun times.


alrightXD…wait am i the new people
and what was the crisis may i ask?


Yeah you’re one of the new people. :smiley: and i greatly appreciate the friendship :slight_smile:
Just existential stuff, death and whatever, i’ve never been good with it… but lets not go into that


oh me too…nice meeting you to child


Thanks :smiley:


btw…whatcha doing?


another memeXD


I’m not doing much. Trying to find a way to scare the hell out of an MC with the story/his future without spoiling the plot. Is that even possible? Still i have a rough draft that should work.

Another awesome meme! :rofl: I heard someone drop an F bomb when i watched it in the cinema :smiley:


wait what XD…whats an MC…?
i screamed at the ending an the entire cinema gave me weird looksXD


Writer lingo for ‘main character’

Same, i had to resist yelling “You bastard!” in the cinema, i made some kind of weird slurping noise, i remember it vividly


oh blonde moment…smiles sheepishly
hahaXD…when thor arrived in wakanda i started hooting everyone was facepalming godXD


i dont know if thats possible XD
I dont write much tho


It’s all good, i was lost for a meaning too :slight_smile:

The same thing happened in my cinema, except EVERYONE cheered instead of getting weird looks. I feel bad