long term friends?



Well to be fair she was abusing birthday power today, she isn’t always like that.
Yeah, the middle child always just gets to do their own thing. Doesn’t it get lonely though?


oh okay XD is she younger?
nope it actually doesn’t . I love being the middle child …i’ve got my brother well my sister isn’t that bad


Yeah, two years younger actually, so enough for us to piss each other off.
Well if you’re fine with it, all good. At least you have your brother too :slight_smile:


oh cute XD…
yep…i have and best friend is a middle child too so we actually got each other backs


Trust me she is the opposite of cute, attitude wse.

Yep, you two just have one another’s backs, and you’ll be golden


haha XD…teenage girls am i right jk
btw do you like hp?


Teenage girls, need i say more? At least she isn’t like the stereotypes (thank God)

Are you kidding? I was born and raised on HP. Those books essentially taught me to read novels and those movies were some of my first proper fantasy ones. I love it :smiley:


hahaXDD…yea hate those type of girls…girls in my school god!
yay!!..me too love harry potter…did you see the new movie tho?


Same, my school’s female population seems to be divided into ‘normal’ ‘strange’ ‘chasers’ and ‘smart ones’ for need of a simpler term. Geez, and one of the chasers has a crush on me! The serious/light hearted autistic kid! wth?

Aw, yeah!! :smiley: HP fans! Yeah i saw the new movie, it was a little sub-par imo but still good enough for another watch


haha…well im in a whole other category XD
aww someone has a crush on child
pinches cheek
well i like it too…idc what the critics say


Ahh, that’s nice, i could tell, you didn’t fit into those premade categories, instead you just made your own, respect. :smiley:

Well, honestly from the dynamic i think it’s less of a crush and more a liking. I mean, she is good looking and a nice person, just i don’t feel like i’m the right guy, we have nothing in common. :rofl: Plus i’m a little tense since she used to hang around a group that bullied me severely when i was younger. I say used to because they all left after Year 10, even if she never partook in it, there’s still the fact i’m not interesting, or have much money. Plus the autism is a major red flag for about 90% of the human population. lol. Oww, i’m sensitive to pinches…

Well i’m not sure if the critics like the new one, but what really matters is whether the audience liked it. Sure the movie can bomb with critics, but if the audience likes it. Disc sales and box office will be high :slight_smile:


thank you
oh if you don’t fell you’re right for each other then maybe its not meant to be…and if you have nothing in common then…XD and god bullies are just insecure jerks never listen to them…im sure you’re interesting there will be a nice girl for you out there child don’t worry
and im sure you don’t have autismXD…idc haha
pinches you again

yep…ik and im a proud slytherin wbu?


Well that’s the strange thing. I’m not really interested in her so what started as a crush devolved into a friendly respect, so i’m all good. Still feels awkward because i can remember her name but not her face. Ugh!

Yeah, after several years that lesson is kinda ingrained XD. Although, being entirely serious. I am autistic, Classic autism, high functioning. Meaning i only have the changed way of processing info and can act like anyone else :slight_smile: I got lucky more than once with the illness lottery, lol.


Don’t hate me, but i’ve been placed in Gryffindor every time i take a test on that. XD


okay XDD
you remember her name but not her face XDD?
oh okay…good for you im proud of you child
oh…a gryffindor…dont worry i like that house too:)


Yeah i’m terrible with faces and names usually XD It’s weird how it works but i kinda just accepted it at this point.

Thanks for that, it’s been a tough one, but eventually it came to an end. :slight_smile: The bullying and whatnot, but that’s enough about me and my history/conditions. I don’t usually chat about it.

Ah, thanks :slight_smile: I was a little worried for a sec.


haha…i remember faces not namesXD…i dont even know your name…i forgot
okayyy…alright topic change
well its like alright thats it


does my happy dance


Haha, it’s all good. XD I’m Chad :slight_smile:

Nice! Finally that math homework can go burn! in some teacher’s drawer! (Just remembered i have to do math homework too) Damn it! :frowning: Still, finally done! Does happy dance with you


ohh okay XD
yep in can and also my math teacher is evil
oh i feel sorry for you COZ IM DONE!


Alright :slight_smile: Wow, an evil math teacher? Don’t you mean hellspawn? Seriously evil math teachers give Satan nightmares.

Thanks for that… Luckily i know what i’m doing. XD