long term friends?



well she is satan’s spawn
good for you!:slight_smile:


do you like friends?


Ughhh, that’s not a nice thought… :nauseated_face: My math teacher isn’t so evil, more like somewhat sociopathic. I’m seriously convinced she’s mental. No mercy, even for the poor year 7 kids…

Friends as in the TV show? i don’t mind it


well my teacher is a sociopath and also evil…
no leave the kids alone


this i what happened right now…except without the cereal and something similar


Geez, where’s the demon recruitment center, your math teacher sounds like a perfect match.

Oh, you’re alright though? Right? What got burnt?


yep she does…i think its somewhere in the north
yep…i was making instant noodles and it burntXD


How far north we talking here exactly? XD
Ah, that sucks. Instant noodles are so good (I can’t eat them :frowning: ) Still, the good part is that you’re alright… no burns or anything, right?


noodles are life had to say it! xD


Hi. Yep, we’re friends now :slight_smile:


i think beyond at the north pole but teaher kinda i absent a few days im sure shes attending those meetings


Well that was fast but I don’t mind at all xD
Hii you can call me Saz!


oh why…i cant live without them…
like a small burn nothind severe


yep they are


Oh yeah, the Earth cannot handle her evil. XD
Nice to hear you’re not seriously hurt :slight_smile:


probs the only food that collage students eat the whole year xD


Alright Saz, you can call me Chad, it’s my real name (i can’t make a name out of my username, lol)


yep it cant
hahaXD…Im prone to accidents so nothing much actually


yea…i can live on it XD


Ah, alright. Yeah there is no way the world can handle such pure, unadulterated evil

(I could live on instant noodles too, and be happy about it :smiley: )