Long Term Reads/Comments/Etc. ...Reply if you dare.

Want a long term reader/Commenter/helper with writing?
Cool, so do I.

If I like your story, I will happily read your book all the way through. I will provide insight, opinions, critiques, comments, whatever you need.
You’re willing to do the same. Are you willing to read a long book? Every Chapter? Even ongoing/future chapters? If so, you’re in the right thread.

So, let’s get started.

My book, Elias - is different.
It’s Young Adult, Dark, Subplot Romance (until later chapters)
Do you want to read about mature themes, a complex character, drugs, partying, psychotic episodes?
All ya gotta do is reply.

Whats your book? How about a link?
How many chapters? Completed?
What’s the genre?
Maybe give me a bit of a plot perhaps.

Commitment is hard - Only do it if you’re ready.

I’m interested.

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Atomic! is a completed novel with forty chapters, a prologue that is ultimately optional, and an intro with the fun stuff, like moodboards, a trailer, and a playlist.

It’s a superhero sci-fi/thriller deconstruction dealing with Mira, who is a genetically-engineered superhero by the company whose radiation caused a wave of it around the United States.

Mira is supposed to fight against supervillains, but one gives her four words that change her life: “They’re lying to you.”

Followed by the death of her friend, Mira teams up with a rogue hero named Warlock to discover the truth— and what they find changes everything, including the context of Mira’’s own birth and creation.

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Challenge accepted. Your book sounds interesting, and I’ve always had a soft spot for psychotic characters. There’s only three chapters in my book so far. It’s fantasy romance with some humor thrown in here and there.

Life has made Lilah Taylor a pessimist. Orphaned, homeless, and hangry, Lilah does not have the patience to be around other people. Especially not a gorgeous, wealthy man who claims that she’s his wife. Yeah, right. He sounds like a cliche. Except in Lilah Taylor’s world, he is probably going to turn out to be one of those weird, wealthy men who wants to do weird things to a poor, innocent (albeit cranky) girl. It would be better if she just avoided him. Which would be easy if he would stop rescuing her from the most dangerous (but mostly awkward) situations.

I will be posting at least one chapter a week on Thursdays.

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Hi there!

I’d greatly appreciate if you could do a long term review of my book, Lawrence Looks for Treasure. I’d be happy to do the same for yours.

Blurb: Lawrence Levine, a middle aged writer, tries to publish the first novel he ever wrote. It describes the summer of '99, the year he graduated high school, when he and three friends left their hometown in search of Native treasure. Along the way, Lawrence reflects on who he is and how to live.

Progress: I’ve posted 12 shorter chapters. I will post two or three new chapter every Friday until it’s completion this time next summer


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Sweet :slight_smile: I’ll start when you do

Cover by The_Golden_Sphinx
Book Title: Angel Diaries
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Book Description:
(complete) 27 chapters
Mystic Realms Book 1
“Whoever said one person can’t make a difference was wrong.”
I’m Nyxie, an angel of Heaven. Or at least I used to be. Why? Well, during the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven. Why? Love, but this isn’t your typical love story-at all. I fell from grace and now live in Hell. And ya know what, I regret nothing!
But in a realm where demons still despise and even kill angels, can I survive or will Hell swallow me like the sinners it judges? I’m living life in a new and dangerous place.

(Translations at bottom of chapters)
Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some Chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/197078658-angel-diaries

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Title: Holding onto Forever
Genre: Teen Fiction
Chapters: 8
Status: ongoing
Summary: What happens when two people who weren’t ever really meant to be together end up together? To keep it simple, a ton of good memories and a load of shit.

Everly has always been a ray of sunshine and a beacon of hope, as far as she’s concerned, she needs to make people happy. Bringing a smile to someone’s face makes her feel like she’s actually doing something right in her life, and during the times that everything else is going wrong, it’s the only thing that keeps her afloat.

Until she meets Evan.

The sweetheart of West Bridge High who seems to have it all figured out. But behind his perfect smile lies a broken boy who’s scared to let his guard down too much and is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Together they quickly realise that love isn’t always what it’s made out to be and comes with a lot more sacrifices that they could have ever imagined.

But hey, what’s the worse that could happen?

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Your book actually looks good!

Mine is LGBT. Its a paranormal romance (the paranormal elements kick in later) however it does deal with mental illness.

Its about a cop & a small time criminal who get caught in a web of magic and violence.

Its called Midnight Black. Please have a look and let me knoe if you’re interested. I never want anyone to read what I write because they have to.

Have a brilliant day!.

Read here

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I’m game. Your book looks good. :slight_smile:

Here are some details about mine:

Title: Dark Jeans & Dangerous Eyes
Genre: Teen Fiction
Chapters: 2
Status: Ongoing
Quinn Matthews and her close-knit group of high school friends live a peaceful existence in Astoria, a small coastal town. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens – until Shayne Harding came along.

With his dark jeans and dangerous eyes, Shayne has everyone in Astoria curious about him.

Everyone except Quinn.

Not many people remembered, but the Hardings used to stay next to Quinn’s house. And Quinn and Shayne had forged a close friendship back when they were eleven.

Now the Hardings are back in town after so many years. Things have changed, and so have Quinn and Shayne.

She’s active in school and has her whole life planned out with her long-time boyfriend.

He’s driven by a reckless streak, and doesn’t believe in committing to anything, ever.

Can they ever pick up the pieces of what was left behind when Shayne had moved away? Or are their worlds too far apart to be bridged now?

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I’ll start when you have! DM me to remind me of yours

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I’ll start when you do, DM me to remind me :slight_smile:

Sounds good! I’ll start when you’ve started mine. DM me to remind me

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