Party TimeAnd we’re back (*◕ᴗ◕*)
So this is going to look so basic until I’m more experienced in this new coding system, but it’s the same gist.

Who Are We?
A group of peeps who happen to talk about random stuff, post gifs, make friends, and procrastinate. Anyone and everyone is free to join in on the randomness.


Anyone is welcomed here, not just members of Longs vs. Shorts. Just in case you want to check out that thread then just click here to be redirected: CLICK MEH!

Just some rules 'fore we get this party started:
II. Kindness can go far
III. NO roleplaying
IV. Have fun!


*carefully pokes*


*Pokes back


and now


Oh, yeah, did you need my archive links to add to your collection?




I still needa archive a lot of threads .-.


How do you want me to get them to you?


i dunno, just save them in a google doc or so and send it to me


Okay. I’m not sure if I know what your Google account is


you can just set the link for the google doc to enable sharing and send it on wattpad if you know what I mean, I dunno how to word this rn


Yeah, I got ya. I’ll do that a little later since I’m going out for a bit


that’s fine




I’m back! Miss me :3?


No .^.


Oh, well, I’m back anyway :P.


I also have to figure out that Google docs thing, but I’m in no rush. I might PM it to you


You’re only here because of me in the first place smh