Look Upon Your Works, Ye Mighty and Despair!



Title: Overture: Cassiopeia Lancaster and The Colliding Worlds
Genre: Fanfiction (Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Summary: Cassie never thought that she was special. And even now, she still believes that she is not special; it’s not her, it’s her circumstances. She doesn’t like standing out or being a story’s protagonist because she knows that bad things happen to protagonists. If she was given a choice, she’d choose to be in the sidelines. However, she wasn’t given a choice. So here she was, a Half-Blood who just gotten her Hogwarts acceptance letter. As if being a Half-Blood is not enough difficulty for one lifetime.

After all, everyone is the protagonist of their own story.
Number of Chapters: 2, ongoing.
Link: https://my.w.tt/iLrsJWS5uS


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