Looking a character art for a chapter cover...

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Graphic: Realistic

Title: When The Moon Rises

Author: @aquilestories

Genre(s): Drama

Colors: Less saturated colors.

Idea(s): I want three girls on the beach and a guy with dark glasses watching them from afar. One girl is redheaded, with blue eyes, the other is brunette and another has black hair. The girl with black hair, a thinner body, the brunette may be a bit more defined (like with a Six-pack) and the redhead is a chubby girl. All three wearing
beach/swimming clothes doesn’t have to be “too sexy”
The boy with sunglasses would be wearing a black beach shirt with white flowers.

Story Summary:
Tidepeak is a small town in California near the beach, where nothing really bad happens until the mayor’s son is found dead with unnatural bite marks

Nicolly Adams is a beautiful girl, confident and with an indescribable charm, but all that changes after the death of her father.

She and her brother move to Tidepeak and Nicolly meets the charming Johnathan Romani, but soon approaches his best friend Kurtz Bryer. What secrets will they discover in the peaceful and dark city and how far will the two friends go for this girl?

Payment: For basic sketches of these characters in any style I will follow you on Wattpad and on Instagram, Twitter, or any social media if you have it. I will also read all of your stories and give my feedback on it.

Anything Else: https://www.wattpad.com/911163226-when-the-moon-rises-wiki-nicolly-adams This is the girl with black hair, she is skinnier, has a flat body (with small boobs), I’d like the same model, honey-green eyes, and with these beauty marks on her face. You can put other beauty marks on other parts of her body.

https://www.wattpad.com/911171451-when-the-moon-rises-wiki-johnathan-johnny-romani - This is the boy.

https://www.wattpad.com/911214788-when-the-moon-rises-wiki-nina-mitchell This is the brunette, you can leave her with a stronger body like she works out because she is a cheerleader, but nothing that escapes the structure of her face. And she has striking blue eyes.

https://www.wattpad.com/911234141-when-the-moon-rises-wiki-bella-danwood This is the redhead, she is more chubby, but with that face. Green eyes and freckles all over her body.

The Black Haired is Nicolly
The Brunette is Nina
The redhead is Bella.

You can do like the cover of the story,

With the boy with glasses in the middle (as a performance) and the other three having fun on the beach. Make a beach with a pine forest in the back.

somebody that can help me please? if it is two hard to do it just do with the two brunettes and forget about the redhead

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I can try!

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that would be amazing… is there anyway that i can contact you?

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I tried the cover. I know it’s not like your original idea but I thought I’d show it to you anyway
When the Moon Rises

WOOOW! That’s pretty good! I loved it! No problem, I’ll definitely use that cover for the cover of part 2 of my story! It’s really good! Call me by message so I can follow you on your social networks, thank you very much!

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Either through this thread or PMS, it’s up to you :smiley:

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Whatever you think is best, if you want to share your work, it can be right here! Thanks a lot! As soon as you send, send me your user so that I can follow your social networks.

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