Looking for a beta reader for my finished adult romance story (248K reads)


I Finished writing my first romance novel and I love someone to read it and give me feedback. It’s the first book of a trilogy i’m planning to write.

I’d love someone to check my grammar and vocabulary (English is not my first language). I also want her/him to give me some feedback on the flow of the story, the characters. Someone that can tell me if the chapters are interesting and captivating enough to keep reading and find out what happens next, what should I add, if there’s anything I should remove, and so on.

I’m looking for a long term beta reader , meaning, I’d like her/him to read the whole book and give me an honest review and constructive criticism on it.

If you’re looking for a intersting, sweet, sexy, hot and steamy love story with drama in it , you should try giving a shot to my work. I’d really appreciate your help! (I can permanently follow you if you want some kind of payment).

  • Title: Simply Irresistible
  • Genre and sub-genres: Romance/Mature/Drama//Adult

Description story:
Nick Brown is a thirty-year-old millionaire who is successful in business but who is tired of being surrounded by the same insatiable, easy women that want to be with him for his money.

Single mom Emma is skeptical and afraid of love after being badly hurt in the past.

When Charlotte, Emma 's six-year-old daughter yearns for a daddy in her life things are about to change for all of them in a way they never could imagine.

Simply irresistible is a story packed with love, romance, lust, desire and of course a lot of drama.

Hey there!

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Thanks so much for understanding!
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Thank you :heart::+1:

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m happy to offer my services if you’d like - I’m currently editing/proofreading a few unfinished stories for other wattpadders but would love to take on a long term project and your story sounds great!

Little bit of a background on me: I’m a 27 year old with a degree in English Literature/Language, have completed a few novels myself (only one of which is currently on wattpad, I’m re-drafting and uploading chapter by chapter). I do have two kids so I tend to be online mostly in the evenings (UK time) which is when I do most of my beta reading and writing. I am contactable via PM most hours of the day though for anything urgent.

Let me know if you’d like me to take a wee look at your work :slight_smile:

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Hey there.

I’m dutch so there’s no time difference. I’d love your help.

Amazing! Even better, I always get thrown off track when I beta for people where there’s a major time difference. What I’ll do is read through the first three chapters and highlight any issues I find, then I’ll PM you with a copy just to let you know if there are any changes needed.

After that we may need to decide on how best to proceed because it’s quite a large novel - it may be better for you to PM me with each chapter or email me the document entirely so I can edit/proofread in larger chunks. Have a think and let me know but I’ll get back to you once I’ve gone through the initial few chapters, then I’ll have a better idea of whether it’s going to need a lot of work or just tidying up :slight_smile:

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