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Hey guys, I’m trying to get back into being more consistent with writing without putting so much pressure on myself and turning into a complete hermit. I have so many projects I want to work on and maybe just turn into short stories for the time being? I don’t have anyone in my life who I can bounce writing ideas off of, so I was wondering if anyone would like to be a part of my “Creative Crowd”. This would be a group that just shares our ideas, gives feedback on each other’s writing, suggests schedules to keep writers on track, and gives ideas to writers to enhance their stories. I’m not really looking for co-authors, more like creative enhancers. I hope that makes sense, haha.

If anyone’s interested, please message me or reply here. Have a great day/night/life!


I’m interested!


What are the responsibilities?


Sounds fun. I’m interested


Hi there. I moved your thread to the Writing Buddy section of the Story Services club as it’s best suited there. Thank you for understanding.

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Hi! I would love to join your Creative group. I’m writing a romance novel right now and I could really use some help too. Can’t wait to get started!


Hello, I’m working on Heather and The Dark Knight and I’ve already got the cast list:

Kylie Rogers as Heather
John Partridge as Victor
Sadie Sink as Sally Winchester
Hannah Wolfe
Chosen Jacobs
Mackenzie Foy
As The Popular Kids

Isabella Crovetti as Emily
Chloe Stannage as Sarah
Mckenna Grace as Serene
(6th Graders)

Savannah Judy as Victor’s Daughter
Lulu Wilson as Amanda
Madison Pettis as Amanda’s Mother

But I need help with the Musical numbers, Action Scenes, the Nightmare sequence and the relationship with Heather and Victor.


Hi! I’m thinking that the “responsibilities” would be rather flexible, since there are responsibilities outside of writing that are hard to get out of. I was thinking for now that everyone who wants to participate would be on a group chat (is that an option on Wattpad?) and we’d all figure out a schedule to check in 2 or 3 times a week, whenever it works best for people. The check-in sessions would be each person (that wants to) talking about their story and what they need help with, and if they want to, sharing part of it for feedback to be presented to the writer during the next check-in session. I hope that makes sense. I guess the number one responsibility is that when a writer wants suggestions for what to do next, everyone gives their two cents on what they would do, that way no question goes unanswered. Obviously if you are too busy to attend one of the sessions, then it’s cool, it would be good to be as regular as you can with the group, though.

I hope that helped! Thanks for asking a question.


Awesome! Do you know if you can make group chats on Wattpad? I haven’t been on here in some time. I’m thinking of having the “Creative Crowd” meet there, if that’s possible.


Cool! I’m still working out the details of when would be a good time for everyone to meet each other and where (online). I’m excited to get to know your story and help out as much as I can! :smiley:



Great! I’m excited to get started! I’ll post more details soon!


Alright. I am interested, though I won’t be coming very frequently until my exams are over.
Sorry about that.


No problem! Good luck on preparing for your exams!


Thank you.


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Hi! If available, we should all talk on Friday on a chat. Anyone have any ideas of where or what time? Hope you all have a great day/night/life! :slight_smile:


This sounds cool, and I would like to participate! I don’t think you can do group chats on Wattpad, though.


I’m available and I would love to talk to you on friday.
I have an idea of what time.
I think It would be best if 5:30pm will be good.


That is cool with me.
But time is different for different people, you know.

I mean @Haruka547 said 5:30, but that doesn’t mean it is 5:30 here in our place.
Does this make sense?




Haha, yeah, I’m on Mountain Time. What time is everyone else on?