Looking for a Creative Crowd



Awesome! Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Maybe we should all IG message? Or even Pinterest? Tumblr? Any site works for me. :slight_smile:


I’m interested in joining up, been looking for somewhere like this, really :slight_smile:


I’d like to join, even though I’m no good at giving feedback, I’ll try.


I’m in Central time. And Discord is a pretty good app for groups.


Count me in. I’ve published the start of a story, Analytics, in two versions. The first was the first pass, aiming to capture what I’d thought up/seen in my mind whilst walking the dog. The second was the same but with the added details and ideas that I add when a scene has had time to ferment and grow. Take a look and see what you think. Does anyone else work like this?


We’ll need to specify time zone! I’m on GMT, I suspect a lot of you guys are 5+ hours behind that…


@KelKaiser @Bings2004 @Haruka547 @StevenBarberWriter @Arkotract @MusketeerPrincess @SelahJoy @literate-libby @tinyjonesthewriter

Wow, cool, thanks to all of you for showing interest! Someone suggested Discord, so we could all try to talk there. It seems like a couple of you are in completely different time zones, so maybe we should try sometime this Saturday instead? I go by Mountain Time, so @StevenBarberWriter I’m about six hours behind you. We should all specify our time zones and what time we’d prefer to talk. I may be wrong, but I may be the most behind time zone-wise, so I’m willing to talk around 11AM my time at the earliest.


I work weekends so Saturday doesn’t work for me, unfortunately. I’m also super busy next week, so just a head’s-up that I probably won’t have much time to converse :upside_down_face: Discord works for me, or IG too, as you suggested earlier. I’m on HST time–middle of the Pacific here XD–so I’m probably around four hours behind you.


I’m a high school student with a VERY intense workload so Saturdays are usually spent studying or trying not to have a heart attack :joy: Although i can make time to join this group, i have a Discord profile, it’s the same as my username.

I live in Australia, so AEST. I’m not sure how that compares to other time zones though.


Wait, what is Discord?

I am in India, so IST. No idea how that compares with others.


@SelahJoy @MusketeerPrincess @Arkotract

Hmm, let’s see a comparison with times. If it’s 11 AM where I am, HST would be 7 AM, AEST would be 3 AM the next day, and IST would be 10:30 PM…I think. Wow, looks like we’re all from completely different places!

@MusketeerPrincess I don’t have a Discord myself, but I think it’s an app where you can chat…I think it may be for games?

I personally wouldn’t mind downloading Discord, but I do have an Instagram account already. Does anyone have a preference between those two apps? It looks like we’ll all just have to chat at different times, since we’ve all got different things going on and our time zones are completely different. I guess wherever we decide to chat, we can all introduce ourselves and our work that we need help with whenever we get the chance. I know that sounds kind of loose, but I think we can figure out a way to make it work. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you all! Good luck with all the studying @Arkotract! I completely relate, I graduated from an IB school almost a year ago, and looking back I don’t know how I made it through.


Is it necessary that we all need to be together to make this work?
I mean can’t we like post that here itself and people can come, check what is going on and add their two cents whenever they can? Just asking.


I agree with @MusketeerPrincess–I don’t think that it will be possible for us all to regularly gather at the same time. If we do, that’s fantastic, but I don’t think that it’s terribly feasible. I would still love to converse with all of you, though; I have both IG and Discord so I could do both, if that helps any.


I Would Love to go back to discord on Saturday!


11am your time should be 5pm mine. I don’t know Discord - are you thinking of using that or just chatting on here?


I don’t have Instagram or discord


@MusketeerPrincess @SelahJoy

Yeah, like I said in my last comment, it doesn’t seem like we can meet together at the same time. I would be fine posting on here, the only problem is that on these message boards, there’s really no sense of, like, a group, if that makes any sense…like, if everyone could actually give their feedback to the people that want feedback regularly so no one falls by the wayside, then that’s great. But on so public of a message board, I’m more skeptical of how much attention would be paid to the stories that want some attention. That might sound weird, but I hope you get what I mean.

Also, is it okay to share stories in message boards here? The rules were a little confusing to me. Let me know what you think!


@Bings2004 @StevenBarberWriter @Haruka547

Hi all, we may just end up chatting on here. Do you know if we’re actually allowed to share our stories on these message boards? I just remember seeing something about that being a no-no, but I’m not really sure.


There is no Watpad live chatline. There are message threads. Message threads are useful because people get to consider you input, and reply when they have something figured out. Chats, meh. Fun perhaps, but not useful. Chances of gabbing your way through a novel…not good. Join a writers site, or create one. A “creative crowd.” Snicker. That s a whatta ya call it, like military intelligence, a non sequitur? an oxymoron?


Just add the share your story tag too. I think then it wouldn’t be a problem