Looking for a proofreader.


G’day, I am new to the book writing business and I’m looking for someone to proofread my new story, Legend of the Galaxy star, and to give me feedback on what I should do to improve. Constructive criticism is needed. If you want to proofread my story and give me feedback then leave a reply. I will private message if I choose you and send a link to my story. The first chapter has already been published.


You’ll have to find people at the ‘story services’ club. There you can hired editors and critics.

Good luck!



To make you think: what do you expect? Imagine I would proofread your story. Imagine that I’m a professional: I would charge 50 euros an hour (and I’ll need at least 3 hours for every 10.000 words, so calculate how much a favour will cost).

And what would you get back?

I could perhaps find and correct mistakes, in grammar and typing, but you want to learn that skill yourself so you could install Grammarly (free version) as a better solution.

I could give you my opinion on your writing, changing your line <<Exhausted, she dropped down on the couch: “I’m finished. And so is this story.”>> into <<Bone-tired, she fell on the sofa: “I’m not going to cook tonight, dear. Can you be so kind and order a pizza for us?”>> Does that help?

I might tell you that I don’t like your story, and perhaps even find arguments why and how I would improve it, but that would make it my story and not yours. I might give you tips, but I’m sure you’re hard-working (you wrote a complete story, and that’s hard work) so you would learn more if you’d read one of those ‘how to write better’ books, written by professionals and available for a few euros.

You don’t want to write like your proofreader tells you. You want to write the best you can. Okay, and it’s magic for your self-esteem if somebody else tells you that you’ve done a great job, and she could even do that without reading your story, and perhaps, when she would say “I hated it when John died at the end”, you might reconsider the plot and change it, but you did think about it and the next proofreader might agree with you…

What you do learn from proofreaders is to accept and handle critique. I asked my sister to read my books. I repaid the favour by doing something in return for her. I’m sure your dad will be both proud and honoured to read your story while you mow the lawn and wash his car like your mum will be happy to read while you wash the dishes and do the laundry. That’s what proofreading costs.

I hope this helped. And you can always publish your story here at Wattpad, and some of your readers will comment, and you might even ask your mum and dad to read it here, giving your story reads and stars while you wash the car and the dishes…:sunglasses:


Hi there. You can head over to the Story Services club to find a proofreader. To do this, look for the drop down box tab next to the club’s name, and click on “Editing.” This will lead you to the Editors section, where you can find proofreaders to help you. I’ll close this now. Thank you for understanding.

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