Looking for a unique superhero or fantasy novel

Hello! I’m currently writing a high-fantasy story that’s getting really close to completion :slight_smile:

  • It has at least three epic battle scenes, with two being high-stakes.
  • I am certified good at English (and really proud to say that), so there’re as little mistakes as possible. There’s still the occasional tense switch or typo that slips through, though.
  • I tried to make all my characters as alive as I could, especially the main one and the two sides.
  • Under-describer here, so you’re safe xP
  • My story’s about a firefox kit (a fox kit is like a cat kitten or a wolf pup) who was captured in an enchanted bottle for over two centuries, and now tries to find her way back to her momma. Haven’t seen a premise like that before, but hey, everything has been written already

Still interested? Its name is The Alpha’s Flame :slight_smile: Don’t worry, the name is clickbait. There’s no romance that can ruin the world or plot. All safe.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, but I publish a new chapter every Wednesday. The story currently sits at 20 chapters

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Hi! I have a fantasy novel with fight scenes, decent grammar, simple descriptions, and a unique concept. It’s a little cliche and the characters could be more three dimensional, though, so it’s totally up to you if you give it a shot or not. Hope you find some good reads!



"His warm fingertips glide across my back. I hold back a shiver and try to breathe slowly so he doesn’t feel how wildly he’s making my heart beat. ‘You’re still incredibly beautiful,’ he says, looking over the scar."

Sonya’s home was burned to the ground. Everyone she knew was slaughtered. She doesn’t want to be alone and homeless anymore. She wants a family again, somewhere to sleep at night, and even a little something in her money pouch. And she’s heard that people can earn themselves a fresh start in Ceran Village.

The price? She has to kill the same monsters that destroyed her home.

Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/149972165-chasing-beasts

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I’m very sorry that there are no exciting fight scenes (YET) however I believe that my story fits the rest of your requirements. I prefer to slowly ease the reader into the story and setting before there being a big fight scene. I’ve been writing fairly constantly, and there should be some fight scenes in upcoming chapters.

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I think my story might fit your description!!!

Title: Permafrost

Description: Read

Florence Baker is a snowbird, every winter her and her Grandmother fly south to escape the cold. Restless from years of being confined to the house with threats of well gnomes and kidnappers, Florence sneaks out to explore the city one last time before her departure. When winter comes early, with the help of a bookstore owner Florence discovers there is some truth in her Grandmother’s warnings. The well gnomes aren’t a fairytale and the kidnappers aren’t sadists, they have been hunting her since birth, in pursuit of her royal bloodline.

Status: First chapter is coming soon, afterwards I think I’m going to do 2 chapters every Monday

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I hope you might like this one.Its a fantasy novella.

“And when I fell ten thousand fell with me”

Neilani Augustus is a princess of the Luxavian tribe, regarded highly among the other seven tribes of the Nonia Empire. Or at least she was.

One mans error led to the end of all that, both her tribe and her were exiled from the Nonia Empire and all their practices deemed illegal.

“Nothing is ever as it seems”

But there is much more to the downfall of her tribe than she knows, more things that are to be revealed.

“Self discovery is a journey”

Forced into hiding she struggles to find out her next steps. Will she ultimately lose herself in a quest to discover her true power?

“The light will always shine,it does not matter where you hide it”

But there is true light burning within her and her people and the light fights to be seen. And she will soon come to realize that she is not alone in the quest to restore her people’s honor.

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“We are not super-heroes, because we don’t care about world peace, justice… or any of this utopian bullshit. We are selfish bastards who kill people for the highest bidder.”

Meet you typical team of super-vigilantes (?): Katarina, the pansexual succubus who hates romantic comedies, Cayden, whose fate is tied to hers, Barbie, the android who looks like a Barbie doll, Aldric, the creepy “one-hundred-and-something-year-old telepathic clairvoyant stuck in the cherubic body of a thirteen-year-old”, and Ebony, their mysterious leader with a secret agenda. What adventures await this bunch of ‘angsty’ young and young-looking friends who fight not for “utopian bullshit”, but for cold, hard cash?

Utterly cliched, this is your typical super-vigilante/assassin story that serves more as a style and genre exploration for the author rather than an official work… but, hey, if you’re interested, I’ll feel honored that you take a look.

Title: Paragon

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Summary:Avery grew up without her father, living on a mountain with her mother. When a stranger turns up on the mountain looking for her father, Avery is thrown into a world that she never dreamed possible. Discovering that she is more than just human, Avery will have to conquer not only a new world but the powers she develops. She will need to understand who and what she is if she is to overcome her enemies and fulfill her destiny as the leader of the Paragon.

The heat in my shoulders intensified. I could feel the inside of my body heating up almost to a burning feeling. I wanted to scream. I wanted the pain to stop. The heat centered on my shoulder blades, turning into needles pushing outward.
With a searing tear, the heat erupted from my body. The chair that I was sitting on splintered beneath me. My shirt tore. I was being pulled backward by weight coming from my shoulders. I fell. I landed on my back but not on my back. I reached a hand back to feel. There were things sticking out of my shoulder. Hard, soft. Were those feathers? Wait, what? I looked up to see Aunt Gina and Derek looking at me with shocked expressions. They were both looking at me with their mouths half open, bewilderment in their eyes.
“Um, a little help would be nice,” I croaked. When did my throat dry up?
Derek stood up and carefully pulled the broken chair pieces away from me. He stood over me, gripped my shoulders, and pulled me up. He set me on my feet and tentatively let go. I started to fall backwards again but, he grabbed me once again. I looked up into his face. I could see my reflection in his eyes. Were those wings?
“What the hell?” I screamed. I tried to turn to look at them but I couldn’t. Every time Derek tried to let go I almost fell over. “What the hell just happened to me?”

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! I would love to hear from you!


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Title: The Third Eye

“I’m doing this for every little kid that feels like they aren’t worthy enough to be loved because of something as stupid as their eye color.” - Vera

Dude, you’ve got to read this book. Here’s why:

  1. This is an original fantasy book. Completely original!
  2. It is a great balance of action and humor.
  3. It’s addicting!
  4. There is a romantic subplot that is charming but not too overpowering.
  5. Its themes are prevalent to our world.

This book is unlike any other story I have read on this site. I would be honored if you could check it out. Like seriously I would be so happy. Feedback/comments are appreciated!

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My fight scenes don’t come until later in the book, but I think my story meets your qualifications! It’s a low-fantasy adventure called Bearheart that I tried to make as original and not-cliche as possible haha :slight_smile:

Summary: Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders: excellent smiths, worshippers of the water, and the so-called “bear-people.” Every year, the devout who are coming of age receive a tattoo - a Mark of Endil, which reveals to its bearer the destiny laid out by the gods.

The day of Hala’s marking, originally supposed to bring with it joy and celebration, is ruined by an unexpected tragedy. The subsequent arrival of a woman from a rival nation forces Hala and her friends on a dangerous cross-continental mission, during which they discover an international conspiracy.

In the face of betrayal and death, the young Rogalanders must grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166762806-bearheart

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Hi! Here’s my story. It’s a fantasy. Been developing it for about 18 years now. Hope you enjoy!

Grazing the Sky


Aspiring musician Lance awakes one night to hear a voice. Someone warning him of danger to come. Someone telling him to start running, now.

Lance has no choice but to shrug off the event as something of his own imagination, but upon falling unconscious, he is kidnapped and injected with deadly cells from a race kept hidden from humans, a race kept secret.

Zidane is a crossbreed of Razalek and Spiro, a breathing hybrid that shouldn’t exist. There’s too much hatred between the races; there’s too much bad blood in his veins. But he needs to save Lance’s life.
He has too much death on his hands already.

However, Lance isn’t so easy to trust him. So, with a question, he’s teleported into Zidane’s mind and introduced to a world of magic, racism, and everlasting love. Memory by memory plays, giving Lance answers to his question. Giving him every reason to trust.
He has no choice, after all.


Lance only felt Zidane’s pain, aches that added to his own. If only they’d tried harder…

As the last few layers of his skin began to regrow, Lance knew the statement was empty. The words had lost every meaning, replaced with nothing but agonizing reality. They’d lost, plain and simple. It just wasn’t an easy thing to face.



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Main Genres: Dark Fantasy / Magical Girl.
Sub Genres: Action / Dreampunk / Thriller.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: lgbt, sexuality, violence, self-harm (3rd chapter), emotional trauma.

If you love action-packed fight scenes, if you love quirky magical girls, if you love twisty thriller plot lines, if you love Gothic settings, if you love the possibility of dreams and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

Dream divers Colbie, Celia, and Kendra indulge their fantasies to get away from the stresses of their waking lives every night. For Colbie, it’s her helicopter parents; for Celia, it’s her domineering sisters; for Kendra, it’s her out-of-touch stepfather.

Now, when two troubled sisters-Mara and Nico-drop in on their party, they witness Mara’s rage and fury come upon them, while Nico watches in horror and tries to calm her down. Yet in the tragedy of Mara’s actions, Nico witnesses a miracle and entrusts this trio to save Mara from her own fate.

In accepting Nico’s promise to help her sister, Colbie, Celia, and Kendra take on a self-proclaimed judge of the living and the dead with a plan for everyone involved.

Here’s the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses

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No idea if you’ll like this, but you could give my story a try :slight_smile:

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/165654709-air-born


Hello Olubean,
These are my stories. Pretty sure they won’t fit your criteria, but I’ll give it a try anyway. All of them ongoing and weekly updated. Complete and utter Fantasy.
Little detail, my mother language isn’t English. That’s why I can’t promise you that there won’t be spelling mistakes or a proper grammar here and there. If you’re capable of getting over this, then maybe you’ll enjoy my stories.
I understand if you don’t feel comfortable with it.
Have a great day,

P.S.: I’m lacking in the description department, which means that the description of my stories do no justice to the stories themselves. It’s a really infuriating thing.



This is the life of Nesryn, sixth daughter of the Faxum’s kin. Daughter of Beasts, female of the Mountains.

This story isn’t about love.
It’s about blood dying the snow,
the coldness of Winter,
the solitude of broken hearts,
and the tearing from inside out.
But it’s also about orange like moments,
addictive lavender scents,
the blooming of females,
and the flowing of water over freshly open wounds.

The Blues came to take the Redness away.



The Archangels and the Princes of Hell.
Their battle field, our land.
Just like cockroaches survived the meteorite rain, we survived their war.

What will be of us after the Apocalypse?

In a world where family is chosen rather than born into, where danger awaits in every corner. Fixer will go through Heaven, Hell and back for the ones she love; and so will they for her. Sick of only hiding, the Renegades will fight back to survive.



From sin made, sinful will remain.

Our actions define who we are, but they won’t ever change what we are.
Two sisters, same mother, different father. Drops of water born from the same fountain, one carries Death, while the other carries Life.
In the game of Hunters and Preys, how far are they willing to go?

From weres, vampires and witches, comes a story about forgiveness, hatred, envy, love, friendship and family.

Let the Hunt begin.

Hey there @Olubean! I think I might have a story that fits your guidelines. My book was featured last summer and made the Wattys Longlist last year. Grammar is decent, though definitely not perfect because it is a very rough draft. I think characterization is good and I definitely don’t have three paragraphs descriptions about chairs. The first book is complete and the second is a third of the way done. Anyway, here’s the summary and link.

Author: @katelynmckelle
Title: What Heroes Are
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/78697786-what-heroes-are
Renauda Kelso has a secret. More than just one actually, seeing as being a superhero requires keeping more than just her identity hidden. When an attempt to stop a crime goes terribly wrong, she finds herself in a spot of trouble. And then miraculously, she is offered a way out. After joining Champion Height’s very own superhero team she thinks she has finally found her place in the world.

But then Ren stumbles upon something that could ruin everything she had worked for-something that threatens the very city she is sworn to protect. When the past comes back to haunt her, Ren must choose between saving the city–and saving the one thing she loves the most.

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Hey, a little late but I guarantee Valiant is a good piece. Over 700 reads and 200 votes in the space of three months, here’s my standard blurb:

Click Here to Read Now!

Title: Valiant
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Synopsis: Unexplored vales. Dangerous beasts.

Relics of an ancient society. Untold riches to be discovered.

Glory. Fame. Fortune.

The call of adventure beckons kindred souls from around the world to the dangerous nation of Middangeard, bastion of mankind.
A lawless country where the weak crumble and the strong flourish, where the gap between good and evil is slight - only the brave, or foolish, would consider living in this unforgiving land.
The select few that find themselves captivated by the song of discovery are called…

The Valiant!

Follow young Bal on his coming-of-age journey to become the greatest adventurer of all and to be the one to conquer the mysterious Frontier.

This is not really a superhero novel but it features mutants in a unique way and I thought I’d put it in here anyway in case you’re interested! Thank you!



When Valentina Linkin is offered a free trip to a tropical island, she takes up the offer without hesitation. Under no pressure to cut her vacation short, she hopes to enjoy the sun before starting her life over. However, the longer she stays, the more she finds strange things that can’t be ignored: freak illnesses, terrible accidents, and people who never come back from the hospital.

Ira Konstantinov admitted herself to the island hospital a year ago. Her life has never been a breeze, but she hit rock bottom when she was imprisoned and robbed of human sight. She waits in the darkness, trying to find her way above ground.

There are horrors on this island - on the surface, underground in the labs, and within the inhabitants themselves. Linkin and Ira are different now, and science hates imperfections.



Quickie (a.k.a. Quicksilver) and Mother Hulker (a.k.a. She-Hulk) learn that romantic superhero action can be superseded by supervillain destruction. Kissy-kissy scenes and lawsuits ensue.

This fanfiction of She-Hulk is based on the “Sensational She-Hulk” series started by writer / artist John Byrne in 1989. In this comic book series, She-Hulk broke down the “fourth wall” at least once per issue.

The story can be found here:

Mother Hulker

Hope you will give this a chance. You will likely enjoy it if you are amused by “The Tick.”

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SLICED: Iron Earth

Genre: sci-fi
Sub-genres: superpowers, parallel world, dystopian, robots and survival.


“He wasn’t the destined to save the worlds, she was!” the sleepy woman said, closing her eyes for the last time, “let the era of Cadi begins.”

It has been thirty years since one mad scientist discovered the force of Slicing, the world has never known peace since then as all the attempts to stop the war has failed.

Iron, the only thing that can’t be sliced other than flesh, and the only thing to kill a slicer. There is no such thing anymore.
Simultaneously, giant machines made of metal and fire eradicated most of the life on Earth.

Fadi thought he was the last survivor as everyone he once knew has died. To make things worse, he doesn’t have any memories as well. Hiding from the machines in a bunker, without a single interaction with a living thing for years, he knew nothing but loneliness. When he turns eighteen, A girl with metallic platelets on her face appears on his radar, holding an iron gun. Everything he once thought, was about to change.
Highest ranking so far:

highest ranking so far:
263# in dystopian 15/4/19
308# in survival 15/4/19
1# in mechanism 15/4/19

this is still a rough draft, and there might be moderate grammar issues

Hey @Olubean. The entirety of my first fantasy novel is now up on Wattpad for free. It had over a million page reads on Amazon, between KDP and KU.

It ticks all of your boxes. :slight_smile:


It’s a first person fantasy diary, from the perspective of Sorch. Sorch is an orc mage in a world where orcs are cursed to get dumber every time they cast a spell. The vocabulary and tone of the story changes every time Sorch gains or loses intelligence.

Check it out here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/180117094-another-stupid-spell

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He’s a bit of an anti-hero but you might dig him…

An epic adventure, an unreliable narrator, an intense cast of characters. Follow a digital subroutine from a 21st century Earth VR simulation that uploads himself into an advanced synthetic body, yet still identifies as human, when he wakes up on a gargantuan space freighter piloted by a 100-year-old sperm whale named Jonas, who offers him a job he can’t refuse.

There are monkey eating lizard men, diamond scout ships, galactic witch cults with hordes of genetically altered space wolves, a naked tattooed female stunt bike rider, puppies, a gang of reincarnated save-the-whalers, an Israeli spy general, Inuits from the 1800s, hulk bodied Zero-G commandos, rainbow squid, indestructible rust robots, an aging biologist trapped in a young girl’s body, secret oceans in the storage decks, technology-hating narwhals, acid guns, giant wasps, red lightning electric samurai swords, Ursa Minor Gnomes, a nebula belching wormhole, and of course, sperm whales: social big brained computer geniuses and the best starship pilots in the galaxy.