Looking For A Writing Buddy Because Why Not?


Greetings, I’d like to find a writing buddy who writes werewolf or vampire books or just fantasy in general. I’ve been writing for quite some time now and I’ve been on Wattpad for a long time as well, so I have quite a bit of experience on here when it comes to writing.

• Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: A writing buddy (I’m 16 so preferably someone in the age range of 14-17)

• Genres I read: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Werewolf, Humor, Horror, Romance, Vampire Mystery/Thriller, Adventure… just about any genre as long as the story’s written well.

• Genres I write: Fiction, Fantasy, Werewolf, Vampire, Romance, Sci-Fi

• What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: I need someone to share ideas with and to talk to about writing or whatever topic, I struggle with sagging middle syndrome when writing so I lose motivation. (I don’t want a co-writer but I will give you credit in my story if you’re able to help with ideas). I enjoy helping people with their writing too, rather that be ideas and sub-plots, grammar help/editing, cover art, etc.

• A brief summary of my current story: I haven’t published my story yet, though it is a werewolf/vampire novel about a hybrid. It’s a pretty unique plot I think and in the past, I’ve had story ideas stolen, therefore, I ain’t publicly posting a summary til it’s published lol.

So if you want more info and you’re interested in being writing buddies, you can message me on my profile. My Wattpad username is the same as this one on here.

Aight thanks :v:


The main story Im currently writing is sci-fi but I write various genres do you mind that the genre isnt really the ones stated in your first sentence?


looking for a buddy thats me


No, I don’t mind if they aren’t exactly the genres I mentioned above.


ur 16 im 19


A little older than I’d prefer but, I’m still open to being friends or helping you with your story?


thats the spirit champ


I sent ya a message on your profile


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