Looking For An Illustrator! (Many Forms of Payment Guaranteed!)





Just a bit shallower, doesn’t need to be too big of an adjustment


Okay! I’ll work on that




@LittleLindsey, how’s it going?


I’m about to send it to you :slight_smile:



Hope you like this edit better


Much better! Thank you!


No problem! I will be working on the next drawing as soon as I can. Do you want a portrait again?


hmmm, which one? Ronedur? Or someone else?


Yes, Ronedur


oof, my boy Ronie! (Like pepperoni? :joy: he would kill me if he were real and ever heard me say that :sweat_smile:)


it’s also his nickname from his sisters


LOL we all have that one character that would kill us if they heard the way we speak about them :joy:


@LittleLindsey I have a reference for the King of Gods’s True Form, I tried drawing him once…


My camera sucks all the color out of stuff




That looks really neat, thank you :slight_smile: Is there any drawing you’d prefer I’d start on next? I’ve got all of the weekend to work on it, thankfully


Ronedur, maybe you can use this reference to do the King of Gods? He is one of my stranger looking ones


Gotcha, sounds good. And would you like Ronedur to be a portrait?


yes, also, keep in mind he sort of has a soft glow like Detchris (but a glow of Darkness if that makes any sense)