Looking for Artists!

My name is Kaitlyn!
I casually do art, but today I am really into seeing some creativity from others. If you enjoy doing art, whether it be digital or otherwise, I would love to see it!

(Also if anyone is interested would love to have talks of a collab!)


Hello and welcome to the community. I like to hand draw for fun

Really? What kind of stuff do you like to draw? When I draw it is usually floral art (because I am really bad at drawing people, but still)

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What kind of collab did you have in mind?

I draw;
Goth art

Hi @RaphaelaLee ! Right now it is a rough idea but sort of like a comic ? Like a combined story and illustration, so a comic :joy:

However, I am also really into just learning about art styles and stuff from fellow community members.

That is so cool! Do you have any pictures of your art? I would love to see it if you are okay with that!

Yes I do. Here’s one, his name is Marilyn

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That’s so cool. Does he have a story behind him?

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Don’t feel too bad. I got a lot of criticism on some of my original covers. The second is a work in progress.



Man I think it is cool in general that people are willing to show off their work, I get nervous about it

That character is amazing!

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Neat! You may check out the #mdc it’s where a lot of artists, graphic and traditional or digital hang out :slight_smile:

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Oh my bad buddy I am new to posting topics. Just thought this was where you could talk about anything other than writing and reading

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He’s a 14 year old boy who has an older sister name Glam. Unlike “normal” teens, he likes to hang out at cemeteries or at the woods at night. Sometimes, he takes his sister with him, but, despite Glam being older than him, he must keep an eye on her as she always wanders off and too often ends up in trouble.

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Thank you

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re reading what I just wrote it seemed rude :disappointed_relieved: I meant it in an honest way of I am sorry for posting in the wrong forum

That is a really nice backstory. I love it


Ahaha,yeah it is! Just mentioning if you wanted to find all the artists, they’d probably be hanging out there :slight_smile:

And yes, Glam’s disable