Looking for Beta Reader for Young Adult Vampire Novel

Hello, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on Wattpad, but I’ve recently finished my second draft of my young adult vampire story and am looking for a few beta readers.
The title of the novel is Extra Extra Bleed All About It the novel sits at about 60K (303 pages). The novel centers around a high school student who learns of a conspiracy theory at his school that the newspaper staff is run by vampires. The novel centers on him trying to figure out if this is just another urban legend, and if it’s not, what to do about it. The genre is horror, with a bit of comedic vibes as well. The novel is definitely YA.
I would love to find a beta reader that falls into the age group of YA readers, but in reality age doesn’t matter a whole lot.
That’s all I can think of at the moment. I am not opposed to a swap, although I am currently pretty busy. I am open to payment but do not have anything in mind. Please let me know if interested of if any questions.
Thank you.

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that sounds sooo good, you did say you’re busy but if you end up being interested in a read+feedback swap I’d love to check it out. I write in a similar genre (kinda horror with YA themes) and my story is about 60k right now too.

I am definitely interested in a swap, I should have enough time to read through your’s before summer classes start up(about a month). I cannot guarantee that life won’t get in the way, but I’ll do my best to provide feedback.

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