Looking for Beta Reader(s) for Sci-fi Novel (Payment Included)

Okay, I joined this site a while back but the past few days I’ve been diving in deeper and am loving it. Too much great work for me to even keep up with. So I figured I’d run my beta process for my next book through here.

I’m looking for a few beta readers, 1-3, to give a read to my latest completed work. It could be the first few chapters, half the book, or an entire read, it’s completely up to you. What do you get out of this (i.e. payment)? I’ll take a look at a work you’ve done and provide some feedback as my time allows. I’ll basically follow your lead, if you seem highly invested in providing feedback, I’ll try to reciprocate. If it’s just the first few chapters, same thing. You get the idea.

Is this a valuable form of payment? Not really, but it’s what I got. Look, I am published but not “book store” published if you catch my drift (I did get a movie option on the last book, though it never actually got made). I’m not big time by any stretch of the imagination. It’s been a four year break as well (kids). I don’t have any followers anymore. Any momentum I had has vanished into the wind so there’s no “exposure” to be farmed here. What I can give you is some half decent feedback based on the few years of publishing experience I have, my near obsessive approach to readability, and my general talent at spreading good cheer. I’ll leave comments, emojis, lines of John Denver songs, all over your work. I am not mean, nor malicious. I’m not here to tear anybody down, in fact I want to lift you up. I love making people’s day and if I read your work I hope I can make yours.

If you’re interested, take a look below and let me know.

DISCLAIMER/WARNINGS/SERIOUS STUFF: This is mature territory. There are disturbing scenes of violence, an episode of near sexual violence (I wanted a chance to beat the shit out of a scumbag in writing), strong language, sexy stuff, and general adult themes. I don’t want anyone getting mentally hurt reading my work, so if any of that is detrimental to your psyche then please, please, please steer clear.

Title Loaded With Black Magic
Genre(s) Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
URL https://www.wattpad.com/story/188201102-loaded-with-black-magic-beta
Terrible, no good, first pass blurb
2113. Neo-Postbellum America. The war is over, the remaining US troops have been forced up to their orbital base. The Freedom from Technology Order, self proclaimed warriors of privacy, have formed the Reunited States of America. Reconstruction, reconciliation, fairness for all. A bright new future ensured.
That is until their leader, First Secretary Rauls is assassinated.
History dies hard.
Against this backdrop, a missing person, an attempted kidnapping, and a murder. Three seemingly unrelated cases in a tiny tourist town. Enter Ambrose Cain and Kori Pierce. A cocky federal agent and a disgraced House protector, both desperate for answers. Through null-guns and nano-molding, charged tap-swords and quantum-shielding, they work their way through the maze. At its heart? An antique digital camera, one that can make you disappear.

Current Beta Slot(s):

  1. ClauMer79 | Going Home
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Hey! I took a look at your book, and it does look like something I’d love to read. Caveat: my plate is already quite full; so I may possibly be slower than you’d like.
Also, my book is fantasy/romance, which I do realize is not everbody’s cup of tea. So how about the first couple of chapters to see if we like each other’s books, and then possibly on to the whole book? No use torturing unwilling readers. :wink:
Here’a a link to mine: Going Home

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Sounds great! I’m not really in a rush anyway. I’ll put you on the list :slight_smile:

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Cool! Is there anything in particular you’d like feedback on, or more a general impression?

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Yeah, more just general feedback. If you feel something reads funny, something a character did was out of character, something broke immersion, etc… Developmental issues vs proofreading kind of things. And thank you for your help. It’s much appreciated. Gonna dig into the start of yours and I’ll just put my thoughts on the work in Wattpad (all the positive stuff) if you don’t mind. If I have any negative concerns or anything like that I’ll just message you. :slight_smile:

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No, that works great! I’m mostly looking for a general impression, too. I’m not a native speaker, so if anything reads really weird to you, please do point it out! :smile:
It’s bedtime here now, but I’ll start reading tomorrow morning.

I just read the first five or so of your chapters, and I’m hooked! Loving your book - I definitely need to know what’s going to happen next. :grin:

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Going to be going over yours here this morning. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Hey! Just looked over your book . It seems quite interesting. I don’t need any payment or something like that. So would you like me to provide some feedback?

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That would be wonderful! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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