Looking for Beta-Readers for 11k words Fantasy/Horror short

Hello there, are you interested in a short story (~11k words) set in a fantasy world and with elements of horror and mystery? I’m looking for Beta-Readers.

Title: The red stag’s trail
Genres: Fantasy (low), Horror
Synopsis: Because he has to prove to his house that he is honourable and capable, Loydovic of House Rucaive ventures into the heartland of the continent to find lost knowledge in a ruin of the old Pliranti Empire within the stubborn land. On his way he is accompanied by his loyal childhood friend Rudibert and the loyal servant of his house, Oteker. Together, they intent to brave all opposition they face: the native villagers of the river, the creatures of the swamp and the mysterious singers of the valley.

This story takes place in the same world as my webnovel “Tatzelwyrm” (not yet released on Wattpad) but it is written as if the reader had never heard of this world before and unconnected plot-wise.

Specific focus should be on assessing whether the exposition is sufficient to make the rules and circumstances of the setting comprehensive as well as whether the atmosphere and narrative flow are appropriate. Proofreading would also be greatly appreciated, because English is not my first language.
Please only contact if you can start and finish very soon, since I plan to release this story well before the end of the month. I cannot however offer compensation for this service, but I am planning on writing many more short stories set in the same world, at some point I might consider offering payment to beta-read the bulk of them.
Thank you for your interest.

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Interested. I work with GOOGLE DOCS.

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