Looking For Beta Readers for a fantasy romance young adult novel

Title: Fated
Genre: Romance (Young Adult)
Sub-genre: Fantasy
Status: Completed
“So you’re saying you just woke up and no one remembers you and all your stuff is gone and I’m the only one who can remember you?” he asks, humour and annoyance oddly complimenting each other in his tone.

“I’m afraid so.” I deadpan.

“You think I’m just gonna believe you?” he whispers, all humour leaves his eyes.

“I know you do.” I admit.

Juliet Hastings and Axel Reed have known each other for what seems like forever. They’ve hated each other since they were 8.

But what happens when Juliet wakes up one day to find a poster of herself announcing she’s missing and not a single soul can remember her? When everything is snatched away from her, her only hope is Axel and together they embark on an adventure of hope and love.

Between the literal heaven and hell, their single tether of sanity is each other.

Looking for Beta Readers! Please reply if interested :slight_smile:

The first two chapters seem interesting :slight_smile: Do you have anything in particular you are looking for with your beta reads or just general impressions, continuity etc.?

If I have the time to commit to what you are asking, I will gladly help you.

I think mainly general impressions and if the story is clearly understandable, conveyed and enjoyable. So glad you liked it, let me know what you think of the next chapters :slight_smile:

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