Looking for beta readers for a short teen romance novella!

Hi! I’m looking for beta readers to read my 21-chapter long teen romance story. I can return beta reading services, provide feedback for your stories, follow you. Please tell me about your ideal payment if you’re interested. My story is really chill and it’s a high school story but focuses on topics about mental illnesses and disabilities.


Title: Paralyzed Love
Number of chapters: 21 (with epilogue)
Word count: ~30000
Blurb: Jesse is paralyzed from his waist down, but he makes sure he gets what he wants, for he has already lost too many things in his life. Yet when he finally gets to meet Ava, who has anxiety and depression, he is not sure anymore.

Ava has locked her heart away while trying to make sense of the world. Being mentally broken and haunted by unwanted thoughts, she struggles to trust people around her, while a chance encounter with a boy on a wheelchair changes her life and sets her on a path of self discovery.

It’s always hard to carve out a new path in lives. With Ava’s endless pushing and Jesse’s self-doubt about his disability, they do not plan to stop trying.

Until the paralyzed love awakens.

I would love to.
Do you still need one?

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Hey yes! What is your payment and how do you beta-read normally?

For all looking into being a Beta Reader for this story, DO IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

I read this story, and it was awesome and wholesome. 5 stars. @softyhartz is an awesome writer!

Be prepared to fall in love with the characters!


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My payment is add all of my books to your public reading list (a bit later not published yet), shoutout of my profile, shoutout of all my stories (later)(once for each), dedication on some of your chapters, and credit.

I will also give feedback in 2 types. Per chapter and overall/per all chapters.
And I am not sure by what yot meant “normally”, since I just starting beta reading for others.
And lf you are talking about story-wise, I think I will just that, deep review per chapter and per overall story.
But if you think you have specific problem/s and want me to mainly search/notice that then I will do that.

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AWW TYSMMM :heart: that’s really kind for you to say it!

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Sounds good, can I read and comment on your books instead of dedication/credit? And for beta read you can do it your way, I’m interested din knowing anything you want to tell me

Well credit is mandatory.
I mean it is not so hard to like make a chapter of special thanks or a list of my beta readers or something. It can also be used to credit other beta readers.

Regarding dedication. I write not in english. So that is why I do not ask for comment etc.
I asked that since you have 20+ chapters equal to 30000-ish words.
For 10-ish chapters 1 dedication is what required.
And by some above, to be specific I meant 3-5.
Anyway, if you do not want that, what about graphic? Can you make it?
If not that then hm do you have other idea/s that is not read/comment?

I could make graphics, I make all the covers by myself. And I can tag you in my authors note and also dedicate 2 chapters to you


Then all payments accepted before + 2 dedications, credit, and a cover. Right?

Then where I send? Is there other way beside wattpad? It is kind of taxing about the 2000 characters limit if I have a super lengthy one. Can you use email?
Or other chat service?

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Hi! I will send you a pm :slight_smile:

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