Looking for beta readers for an Epic Fantasy novel (anti-hero MC)

Title: Kingmaker

Genre and sub-genres: Epic/Low/Dark Fantasy

Word count: Approx 130,000 words (third draft)


After witnessing the brutal beheading of his best friend, nineteen-year-old Kinsha travels to the capital to exact his revenge. Facing deceit and betrayal, he risks exposing his life as a notorious criminal, yet should he fail, he’ll lose the chance at vengeance forever.

I would like for whoever is reading this to focus on the plot, the pacing and the tone of each pivotal character. It would be great if you could spot the differences between them and alert me if they sound similar, or have any inconsistencies. Also, please look for plot-holes. Lord knows I’ve tried many a time to find them myself, but they keep continuing to elude me.

In-line comments are fine, as is messaging me directly. Thank you all in advance. I can’t wait for everyone’s feedback. Regarding the issue of payment, I would be happy to follow/shout out whoever is interested and give comments on a few chapters of your choosing.


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Will read it soon :smiley:

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Thank you!

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can’t find it :frowning:

It’s the same link that’s posted above.


Always willing to support a fellow Black author. This looks extremely promising !.


My brother :pray: thank you

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You are welcome my brother, I just read the first chapter and I’m already blown away. This is gonna be epic !.

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Haha, I’ve got a big smile on my face! Hope you enjoy it.

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I’m pretty bored so I’ll do it if you’re still looking for people

Yeah, definitely. Thank you.

Do you still need beta reads?

Yes, I do!

Can I read however much I want or all?

If all I want to increase payments. What do you think?

I would prefer all. What kind of payment do you have in mind?

My payment is add all of my books to your public reading list (a bit later not published yet), shoutout of my profile, shoutout of all my stories (later)(once for each), dedication on some of your chapters, and credit.

I will also give feedback in 2 types. Per chapter and overall/per all chapters.

Sounds like a lot, tbh.

This is what I’ll do:

  • Give you a follow.
  • Add a book to my public list.
  • Give you a shout-out on my profile.
  • A critique on a few chapters.
  • And lastly, a dedication on a chapter of your choice.

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, then a third of it is fine by me.

130.000 words is not an easy feat.

And I do not want critiques. My story won’t even be in english.

1/3 is still 20+ chapters if each chapter is 1500+ words.
My rate for 20+ chapters are that.

So if even “that” is too much I think I am not suitable for you.