Looking for beta readers for an old fantasy Novel titled Shadows of dystopia word count 69926 closed

completed Book One .

Hey everyone so I can’t remember when I finished this exactly but I believe it was somewhere around 2018 maybe?
Anyway I haven’t picked it up kinda since then so it just sitting around but I wanted to see if I can get any beta readers for this to see what I can improve on so I can finish this one as well?

The only cover I have is a hand drawn one since I wrote when I was about 17 maybe? So it been a long time since I touched it now that I’m 20 lol.

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Shadows of Dystopia
Genre Fantasy

word count 69926 Page count 215

story summary

A world full of magic and mystery, where gods rule and kings and queen will lead
And Elemental fight for better peace. Where sin are of man mislead… The World of Zell is in danger, sin have emerged from the depth of chaos.
The secret of god have arisen.
Hugo, is on a journey to find his father, only to uncover the secret of which he has left behind him.
What are the seven sins.
Who is the rightful heir
Why are the gods in the capital?
How will it all turn it in the end?
Will they uncover the truth, or will it be too late and what are the sin planning?
And what the gods planning?
The journey is a long one
But in time all will be uncovered.

What I’m looking for?
I’m looking for feedback on the book plot
Where I can improve on
What I should add
If there anything I should remove
Grammar and punctuation

What can I do in return ?
I can return a permanent follow and give feedback on your story as well

Now if you have any preferred method of sending your story let me know as well. Either being wattpad or google doc or PDF.

I am in no rush for when the reading needs to be completed but I do want to know how I can improve the story plot and finalize it before I write the sequel

Wattpad link https://www.wattpad.com/story/198674637-shadows-of-dystopia


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Another bump

Hello! I’m not sure if you have found your beta readers yet, but I would like to give it a go. I have not done beta reading before, so I have no references for any work I’d be able to do.

I’ll also do this for only a follow since I don’t have any of my works up, but I can send you some snippets if you’d like to get a gauge of how I will possibly give feedback.

Please let me know your decision, thank you.

that would be great haven’t found anyone for this book yet but let me know when you can start

How do you want me to send you the book do you want to read off wattpad or is googledocs preferred?

Hi! I would be happy to beta read. I am also looking for beta readers on my story if that works for you. Reading it through a pdf or google doc would work best for me!

No problem let me know when it would work to start?

hi! I’m happy to start whenever! My story is on a pdf does that work for you?


I might be able to get some reading tonight later during the night let me know when you can send it in

is there any email or something you would like me to send it to? You can either share or send the pdf of your story to etrevithick816@g.rwu.edu. I am happy to get started on it tonight. Is their a specific way you want me to leave feedback. (through comments, at the end, separate doc… etc.)?

I can send by email


Having some network issues withdownloading it but I’ve invited you to the document

send me yours when you can

Just sent it over. I requested access to yours to be able to comment.

you should be good now

let me know if it works

try re loading the doc on your end and see if that works

that worked! Thank you