Looking for Beta Readers for fantasy book.

Hello! I am currently in the process of converging a completed story of mine onto Word to get it self-published. I am looking for up to five beta readers to read the novel and give feedback on what I should change. I am not expecting you to read it quickly. Give a thorough reading and sends a message on what needs to be changed.

Title: The Legend of The Galaxy Star
Genre/Subgenres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure
Description: n a vast fantasy world, young cat person Akira is in his prime and eager to start his first day on the job as a messenger. During his shift, he receives a message of his own; the legendary Galaxy Star, a sword of immense power. He is then told by an old man of vast wisdom that he has been chosen to go on a quest to defeat an immensely powerful enemy: Kyoko, otherwise known as The Invincible, the dark overlord ruling over a massive army. Will Akira succeed in defending his world, or will The Invincible see pure evil prevail?
Other info: I have already made changes to the first eight chapters, so the rest will remain unchanged. Try to overlook them if possible.
Payment: A permanent follow and a shoutout on my page.

This sounds interesting! What’s the word count?

The first four chapters have around 1,800 words. All chapters after 4 then average around 3,300 words.

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Ok. I’d be happy to beta. Do you want feedback on every chapter or should I wait until finish to give it to you?

And fair disclaimer, my computer went kaput a few days ago and I’m waiting for it to be fixed. I’m working off my phone, so I’m a little slower than usual. I should still be able to do it in a timely manner

It would be nice if you provided feedback on every chapter. I’ve already made changes to the first eight chapters, so the rest are unchanged.

That is okay. I am not expecting you to read it quickly. Take as much time as you need.