Looking for Beta Readers on Teen Romance Novel

I need beta readers for my story! I really want to hear back about the plot, characterization, and chapters that might not be necessary to the full story. Also, anything that the story lacked that you feel could be added to make it better (another character, more scenes with a character, less scenes with another scene, etc.)

I will do read for read, if it’s in the same genre as other genres don’t interest me as much. So, if you try to do a read for read with me and you want me to read a horror story, please don’t feel offended if I say no. Thanks in advance!

Title: I Shouldn’t Want You

Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/14063571-i-shouldn’t-want-you

Synopsis: From the moment Anna met Brogan, she knew she would do anything to preserve their easygoing friendship. From the moment she met Brogan’s brother Danny, she felt trouble deep in her belly, but it was more inviting than ominous. After a drunken night filled with sexual tension, Danny and Anna start a secret friends-with-benefits relationship. When deeper feelings emerge between them, they realize their secret can’t remain hidden forever. Torn between her friendship with Brogan and her new feelings for Danny, Anna is thrown into an overwhelming decision.


Please give some feedback/constructive criticism on plot holes, characterization, writing style appreciated).

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Hi! I would love to do a beta read for you! How long is your story? I have a short story that I am looking for feedback on. I only have the first 3 parts posted but if you are enjoying I will be happy to post more. My story is a collection of letters between husband and wife, when the husband goes off to war.

Just let me know!

Ooh I love the premise for that story! I can definitely provide some feedback for that!

My story is 21 chapters long! I would love for you to give a read to it! You can also personal message me and we can really get into the details of suggestions to be made if you don’t want to put it all in the comments, etc.

ok, awesome!! Ill give it a read and see how Im doing with comments and then see if a personal message is better.

For my story, I have the rest written but I am trying to figure out if it is worth publishing on amazon, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll beta read for you if you look at my werewolf story Tales Beneath a White Moon. The first book deals with the characters in their teenager stage.

I would love to beta read your story! I am a sucker for teen romance novels. I will do it for free, as I do not have any stories ready to be read yet.

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Great! Thank you!

I’m super interested if your still looking for another set of eyes. I’d only ask that you’d look over my story Teen Romance Novel that I’m starting to post.

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Sure, I would love to! Please let me know what things exactly you’re trying to focus on in your novel!

I’m mainly wanting to work on readability, word choice, and basically if I’m able to hold attention.
Here’s a link to mine and I’ll get started looking over yours. I can send you a pm so we can stay in contact.

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If you are still considering Beta Readers, I have a Teen Romance novel that I have just finished that I would love to have a read for read Beta deal with. PM me if you are interested B xxx

Hey there! I’d love to give you feedback on your story, and I like to think my critiques are in depth, yet fair. I’m also writing in the same genre so that usually helps with giving advice to other writers lol! Here’s the link and info about my own work so you can decide if it interests you for a read 4 read!

Falling Out of Time
Amber Blake hates Carter Hayes - at least, that’s what she tells herself.

She has since the day he walked out of her life after a falling out with her best friend, Mark. Close since childhood, Mark urges her to forget the friend they once had, but when a confrontation brings the trio’s years-long tension to a head, the aftermath has Amber wishing she could forget her life completely.

As they always say, careful what you wish for.

Next thing Amber knows, she’s waking up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unknown city, staring at a stranger in the mirror. She’s aged ten years overnight, and even crazier, she’s married - to Carter Hayes.

Haunted by memories of the boy she knew, Amber struggles to see him for the man he is now. But when strange visions suggest a way to fix tragic mistakes from their past, she’ll need to trust him more than ever.

Someone’s life depends on it.

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